VVNK JANE PLUS Exhibition in Shanghai, China by DevolutioN

Large-format conflict and collision between the classical and the modern.

Project Specs


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DevolutioN has been frequently cooperating with the fashion industry since last year. Compared with other industries, projects in fashion industry are often more conceptually open-mindedwith a higher acceptability and shorter project cycle. Thus, event effect and propagation extent of the space are becoming more significant demand for fashion brands, in stead of stylization.

▼展览空间一览,overall view of the exhibition space

VVNKJANEPLUS 是DevolutioN 退化建筑今年深度服务的一个女装品牌,提倡以“折衷主义”的美学面向成熟的女性市场。这个通常被理解为在立场上模棱两可的“主义”在VVNK JANEPLUS 的服装设计中则转化为一种对混搭的笃定———以“高级的质感”促使反差、对比及冲撞的不同时代元素达成非线性平衡。

VVNKJANEPLUSis a womenswearbrand that DevolutioNfocuson this year, which advocate”Eclecticism” aesthetics towardsmature women’s market. In the design of VVNK JANE PLUS’ clothing, this “Eclecticism”, which is usually considered ambiguous for standpoints, is transformed into a kind of certainty for mashup — with “deluxe texture” to impel a non-linear balance between elements of different eras that are contrast and collide with each others.


▼天花设LED屏幕的展览空间,exhibition space with LED screen on the ceiling

正因此,我们将OntimeShow 期间VVNK JANEPLUS的独立展场作为其“折衷主义”在空间上的延续体现。在Ontimeshow D馆原有的现代空间内,我们置入与之形成反差的古典饰面,通过行进、观看视角转变,这个繁复饰面又显露出数字化媒介的一面。这个展览被命名为《界面》,看似一种粗放的空间阐述,古典和现代的无机处理、大面积的对立和冲撞面,但在其中寻找平衡则和VVNK JANEPLUS的美学一样,是《界面》的真正核心。

Therefore, we take the independent exhibition cite of VVNK JANEPLUSduringOn Time Showas theextension of its “eclecticism” on space. In the basicmodern space of the D Hallin On Time Show, we introducea classical veneer inside to contrast, and through the change of marchingdirectionsand viewing perspectives, this complicated veneer appears as a digital media. The exhibition was named “Surface(界面)”, which sounds like a general spacial explanation with anaemic treatment to classical and modern as well as large-format conflict and collision surfaces, but finding balance among them is actually the core of “Surface(界面)”, just like the aesthetics of VVNK JANE PLUS.

▼古典的影像与现代的空间及服装形成反差,contrast between the classical projection and modern space and clothes

▼镜面材料使空间更为丰富,mirrored material enriches the space

▼投影突出展览的服装,use projection to accent the clothes on exhibition


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