Vitrine Shelf, Hong Kong by Napp Studio

A modular furniture constructed by 15mmTHK acrylic and 2mmTHK stainless steel

Project Specs


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这座新艺术家书籍图书馆位于赫尔佐格&德梅隆设计的大馆当代美术馆(Tai Kwun Contemporary)内部,图书馆拥有无可比拟的中部景观视角,是香港最重要和最受欢迎的地点之一。

Inserted in the Herzog & de Meuron completed art museum, Tai Kwun Contemporary, the new Artist Books Library shares an impeccable lookout to the mid-levels, one of the most significant and acclaimed destinations in Hong Kong.

▼图书馆中摆放的Vitrine Shelf,Vitrine Shelf in the library

为了保留这一景观视角和确保白天阅读的充足光线,设计师为图书馆设计了隐形的Vitrine Shelf。展示和存储功能的书架使用15mm厚的亚克力顶板,搭配手工打磨的不锈钢底座,可以用来展示厚重的书籍,Vitrine Shelf不仅可以让光线通过落地玻璃窗照射进来,还可以反射自然光线作为间接照明。

To preserve this sensational viewpoint and ensure maximum daylight for reading, the Vitrine Shelf is designed to be seemingly and elegantly invisible. Making use of a 15mm thick acrylic top for book display and storage, pairing with a hand-brushed stainless steel base for large books’ display, the shelf not only permits light to flood in through the full-height glazing, but also reflects natural light in as indirect illumination.

▼架子不会阻挡射入的光线,还可以反射光线作为间接照明,the shelf not only permits light to flood in through the full-height glazing, but also reflects natural light in as indirect illumination

▼透明架子保持了建筑的绝佳景观视角,the transparent shelf keeps the impeccable viewpoint

书架从模块化系统演化而来,因此可以很容易的进行增叠,满足图书馆的扩增需求。最大化的互换性让Vitrine Shelf也可以组合成长凳,展示台或者桌子。

Developed from a modular system, the shelves can easily be stacked and hence grow with the library. Interchangeability is maximized allowing the Vitrine Shelves to operate as a bench, display or table.

▼互换性的模块化体系可以让架子组合为长凳、展示台和桌子,the interchangeable modular system allows the shelf to operate as a bench, display or table

Vitrine Shelf是一个利用不常搭配在一起的材料组合而成的极简构件:亚克力和不锈钢板。凭借钢板超薄的厚度(2mm厚)和15mm厚亚克力板的超高透明度和强度,两种材料形成了有趣而美观的组合。

Vitrine Shelf is a minimal composition of an uncommon pair of materials: acrylics and stainless steel. Utilising steel’s strength by its extreme thinness (2mmTHK) and high transparency yet great strength of 15mmTHK clear acrylic, the pair results in a surprisingly interesting and beautiful amalgamate.

▼极简的透明构件,the shelf is a minimal transparent composition

▼架子由15mm厚亚克力板和2mm超薄钢板构成,15mmTHK acrylics and 2mmTHK extremely thin stainless steel

作为当代美术馆内部艺术家书籍图书馆的主要组成部分,Vitrine Shelf保持了自身最低的可见度并且最大化的反射和渗透自然光线,照亮内部可能会昏暗的角落。家具体系鼓励设计师将常用材料创新性地结合起来形成新的组合,从而增加储存之外的更深层次的功能。

As the major component in composing the Artist Books Library in the comtemporary art museum, the Vitrine Shelf strikes best in minimising its visibility while reflecting and infiltrating the maximum amount of natural light illuminating the otherwise dim corner. The furniture system encourages innovative pairing of commonly used materials in giving a new mutual composition that adds an additional layer of function other than as merely storage.


Designer: Napp Studio
Design Team: Tsang Aron Wai Chun, Ho Wesley Hung Lai
Manufacturer: Kam Hung Metal
Photographer: Derek Chien
Clinet: TaiKwun Contemporary
Status: Completed
Location: TaiKwun Contemporary, Hong Kong
Date: January 2019

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