Pareidolia by Gaspard Graulich

A series created from rock formation prints collected in the Fontainebleau forest

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2019年3月14日至17日,法国探险家兼设计师Gaspard Graulich将在Collectible艺术展上展示其最新项目“Pareidolia”中的一系列作品。该系列的设计目标是探索对事物形态中蕴含的功能的感知。本文中展示的是名为“Prélèvement”的作品系列,设计师在枫丹白露的森林中获得灵感,将其独特的地质形态运用到实际的物体当中。对自然环境中产生的形态的直觉性运用与理性的人造环境形成对比,促使我们去质疑和探讨原始行为与现代眼光之间、目的与直觉之间以及功能形态与实际物体之间的界线。

From the 14th to the 17th of March 2019, the explorer-designer Gaspard Graulich will show at the Collectible fair its new series of objects from Pareidolia project, which goal is to explore perception of function into shapes. With this series called Prélèvements, Gaspard has been wandering in the Fontainebleau forest, known for its remarkable geological formation, searching for minerals shapes perceived as functionals, in order to extract it and give it the status of object. An experimentation where intuitive use of shapes experienced in the nature is confronted to rational humanized environment, questioning the frontier between primitive approach and contemporary eye, between intention and intuition, between functional shape and object.

▼Prélèvement作品系列,Prélèvement series


1. 勘察现场并收集形状素材。以中立和开放的态度去发现自然中那些我们已经很难再看到的事物,充分尊重它们的本质,让它们通过自身的形态来表达自己:最终的目的并非是要找到某种功能,而是对使用的行为进行探索。
2. 收集并复制被选中的岩石的构造和纹理,划定基本的用途范围。
3. 对收集的地点进行记录:包括摄影和数据测量等,以便记住每个素材的精确位置。它们的位置决定了它们的功能。
4. 经过重新设计,对原始素材进行模塑。
5. 创造一个新的结构,使模塑的位置和形态保持原封不动,并最终成为一个可用的物件。

▼Prélèvement系列以枫丹白露森林中的岩石构造为灵感制作而成,Prélèvement was created from rock formation prints collected in the Fontainebleau forest

« Prélèvement » was created from rock formation prints collected in the Fontainebleau forest, know for its remarkable geological formations. It followed five steps.

1. Exploration and shape collection on siteTo adopt neutral and open attitude, to see in nature what we cannot see anymore, to follow its instinct, let the shapes take over, and wait for it to express : the purpose is not to look for functions but rather to discover uses.
2. Print Collection of the selected shapes, with delimitation of the contour of function
3. Documentation of collection spots : photography and measurement of angles and heights in order to be able to transcribe the exact position of each shape collected, position on which depend its function.
4. Moulding of prints to recreate the original shape in a redesigned contour.
5. Creation of a structure that places the molded shape in its original space position and that allows it to become an object.


Prélèvement #1
Original site and final piece


Prélèvement #6
Original site and final piece


Prélèvement #8
Original site and final piece


Site exploration and shape collection

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