VISION coffee store, Shanghai by A3 VISION

Indoor “Street Park”

Project Specs


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Hengshan square was built in the 1930s and 1940s. It is located to the east of Tianping road and to the north of Hengshan Road, including 11 independent garden houses and two rows of new style lane houses. The architecture in this area is typical representative of Shanghai-style residential buildings, bearing historical memory and reflecting the cultural diversity of the city.

▼室内概览,overview ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

VISION 咖啡馆在这片建筑群中的2号楼,一幢三层洋房的三楼。窗外是车水马龙的衡山路,高大的法国梧桐枝叶繁茂;另一侧毗邻徐汇公园,夏天傍晚的公园里,阿叔阿姨们衣着讲究,在石凳上坐着聊天,孩子们吹着彩色的泡泡在追逐嘻闹……

VISION coffee store is located in building 2 of this complex. It’s a three-story house. The Hengshan road is on the front with heavy traffic and lush and tall French Platanus. On the other side, it is adjacent to Xujiahui Park. In the summer evening, manywell-dressed uncles and aunts sit on stone benches and chat. Children chase and play with color bubbles.

▼从洋房楼梯进入咖啡馆,entering through the stairs ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

▼用餐区,the tasting area ©YUUUUNSTUDIO


The design concept comes from the street park. The bench made of yoga bricks is similar to the stone bench in the park; people can stand, sit around, or sit opposite in this open space. Through seat setting, it can eliminate the sense of distance between people and make it easier to chat or be alone; the window design in a large area ensures the full integration of the outdoor environment.

▼软木瑜伽砖砌成的凳子,the bench made of yoga bricks ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

the large window bringing in the outdoor environment ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

furnitures in the tasting area ©YUUUUNSTUDIO


Part of the original wall is exposed in the basic space, and futuristic alumina is used for the large long table in the middle and the operating table, creating an artistic atmosphere of roughness and fine.

▼阅览区和吧台,the reading area and the bar ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

▼望向中间长桌,view of the large long table ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

▼阅览区,the reading area ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

furnitures in the reading area ©YUUUUNSTUDIO


In summer afternoon, cicadas are singing in the trees. Sunlight fells on the ground
through the plane trees outside the window, and the shadows sparkle like stars. It’s
the best time of the day.

▼细部,details ©YUUUUNSTUDIO

▼平面图,plan ©艾舍尔设计

项目名称:VISION 咖啡馆

Project Name : VISION coffee store
ProjectLocation: Building 2, Hengshan Square, No. 890 of Hengshan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Design team: Wang Zhifeng 、Fan Jin、Xie Jiaxiu
Material list: wood floor, alumina facing,yoga bricks
Project Year: 2021.3
Project Area: 60㎡
Photographer: @YUUUUNSTUDIO

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