Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

The flowing villa, shadow, and nature

Project Specs


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photo by tim van de velde|architectural & interior photography


This spacious villa is situated in Tremelo (BE), on a large terrain surrounded by pines. The house was designed for a couple (with two children) that wanted something “special”.

▽ 外观,the appearance

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▽流线造型,the curves

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▽ 临街立面,车库位于地下层,采用坡式景观处理建筑与街道的交接。整体造型洗练。the street facade. the garage is on the basement floor. the sloping landscape connects the street and the building. the whole shape expresses clarity.

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While in other designs OOA’s approach is very conceptual, here we just let it flow. Taking in account the building regulations, we started sculpting the house around the desired programs, playing with the fundamental architectural elements and principles (form, space,…), taking away the usual references by using curved walls, different ceiling heights, light,…

▽ 带有泳池的内庭院,这一侧建筑立面更为外向。the courtyard with swimming pool. this facade expresses more openness.

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The flowing lines of the plan unfold across five split-levels. The entrance of the house, which is half a level lower than street level, is reached by way of a slope within a concrete framework in an artificial landscape.

OO-091_MQ_Long Section_bw2



Although the programs blend into each other, natural light provides a unique atmosphere at every level: the continuous dispersion of light on the curved walls emphasizes the impalpable framework. The sloping balustrade that consists of parabolic cables intensifies the interweaving of the different spaces. On the next level we find the kitchen, connected to the garden, and the slope towards the living room. An elongated cupola in the sloping ceiling / roof points the way to the highest zone, that of the children’s rooms. On this level, we also find the bathroom as a natural result of all preceding choices.

The space squeezes itself through the taille (the circulation space), accelerates temporarily (the stairs as connections between the levels), only to expand again, enhancing the dramatic effect. The visual language is characterized by emotion and lively agility. The views that are wrenched away from the fixed grid are nonetheless clearly framed and pushed toward the back. This emphasizes the organic forms. The seemingly lifted volume causes a feeling of massive zero gravity. Life unfolds, turned away from the street and oriented towards the gardens. The artificial landscape that is created inside is well defined and flows back to the surrounding lawn.

▽ 双层高客厅,下一层是厨房,上一层是卧室区,顶部天窗随型而设。the double-height living room, the kitchen is on the lower floor, the bedrooms are on the upper floor. the shape of the skylights follows the trend of the roof.

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▽ (左)从客厅看厨房(右)从卧室区看客厅。(left)view from the living room to the kitchen (right)view from the bedroom to the living room

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▽ (左)楼梯特写。灯带,扶手,梯段皆经过特别设计(右)厨房家具与灯带 (left)the staircase. the light stripe,the handrail and the steps are particularly designed. (right) the furniture in the kitchen

00-1TRML376 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA     00-1TRML384 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ 在厨房层看客厅层与地下室层。view from the kitchen to the living room and the basement

00-1TRML388 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA     00-1TRML398 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ 开放的厨房与餐厅。the open kitchen and dining area

00-1TRML421 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ 厨房/餐厅层直接与花园相联系。the kitchen/dining area is directly connected to the garden

00-1TRML433 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ 交通空间 the circulation

00-1TRML435 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA     00-1TRML458 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ 交通空间 the circulation

00-1TRML521 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ 流动着的建筑,光影,自然, the flowing building, shadows and nature

00-1TRML534 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

00-1TRML573 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

00-1TRML582 Villa MQ in Tremelo by OOA

▽ Elevation Back


▽ Elevation Front


▽ Plan B2-B1


▽ Plan B1-L1


▽ Plan L1-L2


▽ Plan L2-L3


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