Urban Park In Grand-Couronne, France by Espace Libre

Urban public landscape space dedicated for sports, games, relaxation

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项目坐落于法国滨海塞纳省(Seine-Maritime)大库罗讷市(Grand-Couronne),由城市景观规划事务所Espace Libre倾力打造。全新的杰西·欧文斯公园(Jesse Owens park),已于2018年9月开始投入使用。该公园集运动、娱乐、休闲功能于一体,面向所有年龄段人群开放,可谓是综合类的城市公园。

The new Jesse Owens park, designed in Grand-Couronne (Seine-Maritime) by the landscape and urban planning workshop Espace Libre, was inaugurated in September 2018. Open to all, for all ages, with dedicated spaces for sports, games, relaxation, it fulfills its vocation as an urban park.

▼公园概览,overall of the project ©Julien Falsimagne

杰西·欧文斯公园(Jesse Owens Park)曾是一个完全封闭的运动区。本案设计的核心理念旨在将其改造成一个拥有优美的景观的城市公共空间,同时将周边各市政功能空间连通起来。

From a former fully enclosed sports area, one of the key challenges of Jesse Owens Park was the creation of a landscaped public space linking together the various spaces of the municipality.

▼轴测分析图,axonometric diagram © Espace Libre

如今,Espace Libre事务所为公园规划出全新的步道系统,调和了公共空间与场地周边私有空间的矛盾。此外,公园的入口也经过了精心的设计,人车分流确保了各方的交通安全。

Today, new pedestrian paths adjust these spaces and avoid direct confrontation between users and the private spaces bordering the site. Likewise, the entrances to the park are designed so that pedestrian and vehicle flows can coexist in complete safety.

▼俯瞰公园,overlook the park from the higher part ©Julien Falsimagne

▼适合儿童的游乐设施,play facilities suitable for children ©Julien Falsimagne

▼慢行步道系统,new pedestrian paths adjust these spaces ©Julien Falsimagne


The project predisposes the existing urban fabric of Grand-Couronne to future essential junctions. In fact, this arrangement of gentle paths makes it possible to fully integrate the entire space of the park and to form a link with the nearby public spaces. The park can thus in the future expand and create pedestrian and ecological corridors on the territory of the municipality.

▼适合青年人的运动场地,sports area for young people  ©Julien Falsimagne

▼公园设施细部,details of the facilities ©Julien Falsimagne

▼台阶细部,details of the stairs ©Julien Falsimagne

▼篮球场细部,detail of the basketball ground ©Julien Falsimagne

LOCATION: Grand-Couronne (FRANCE)

CLIENT: Ville de Grand-Couronne

DESIGN: Espace Libre, landscaper – BERIM, roads design office
SURFACE : 7.225 m2

BUDGET : 737.000 €


IMAGE CREDITS: Julien Falsimagne

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