Undefined Black Box Gym – An temporary architecture practice in Chengdu, China by HAD&Epos

A black box with white appearance, various sports connected by outdoor platform.

Project Specs


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Viewing from the street,the black box is white! A group of white box with different openness cleverly fit into the corner of an aging urban community.steel beams & columns, corrugated steel and perforated steel plates indicate its temporary, the fitness figure and basketball slap Sound of the black box clearly describes its function, the blooming light through glass and perforated steel plates in the night proudly announce that it’s the center of vitality in this slightly dull neighborhood.

▼建筑外观为白色,室内为黑色,the appearance of the building is white while the interior colors are dark

001-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos


The interior of black box is indeed dominated by dark colors. under owner’slow cost demanding, steel, wood, concrete slab and other basic materials complete indoor color changeing,also describe the building function alternately: sports and fitness, art exhibitions, sharing of life, PARTY etc.

▼前台,深色的室内,reception, dark colors in the interior

005-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos


As the building itself plumply fill the entire site boundary, the heart of the site is considered the center of outdoor activities, while almost all of the traffic stream organizations, space onversion of inside and outside are around the heart to start.the building entities surrounding the center produce an uncertain twist and flow, thus enriching the volumes.

▼从前台进入后看到篮球场,view of basketball court when entered from the reception

006-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼建筑空间围绕篮球场展开,various spaces organized arround the basketball court

007-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼从二楼平台看篮球场,view of the basketball court from the second floor platform

009-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼从瑜伽房看室外平台和篮球场,view the outdoor platform and basketball court from the yoga room

017-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼通透的瑜伽房和较为封闭的跳操房,open yoga room and relatively close gym

015-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos     018-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼品饮区,drinking area

011-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼北侧为玻璃,南侧设有打孔钢板,glass on the north and perforated steel plates on the south

010-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos     013-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos


The uncertaintiy of municipal management and the uncertainty of business decide the uncertainty of the building function.thus reveal the space fluxility of a temporary building with an full utilizing of boundary conditions. The architects focus on openness & closure of the building, so they face problems such as community activation and interaction, functional change and convergence, the construction of the relative temporary building and many other complex challenges, and ultimately result in the philosophical meaning of ambiguous and moderate undefined conclusions.

▼建筑内夜景,night view inside the building

002-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

014-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼夜景,night view

004-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

019-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

020-Black Box Gym_HAD&Epos


Design institution: HAD&Epos
Site of the project: Chengdu, China.JingJuSi
Architect: Zhou Yonggang
Area of the project: 900 square meters
Year of the project: 2015
Photographer: Arch-exist Photography

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