Two-fold Yard, China by TAOA

Two parallel worlds which are different and overlapping

Project Specs


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It is a house intervention project. The owner who is an artist wishes to add the function of art studio to his house after its reconstruction. What is more, the work of art creating will not interfere the daily living at all should also be guaranteed.

▼住宅入口,the entrance of the house ©陶磊


The house’s original volume will be used as daily living space still, while the new added one below the ground level will be a wider, more individual and more flexible art creating space. In the meanwhile, the above-ground part will be the place for activities and layout of inner scenery.

▼空间生成过程,the design process ©陶磊建筑事务所


▼住宅鸟瞰效果,地上和地下空间沿着垂直方向保持一种内在的联系,airscape, the above-ground volume and the underground volume maintain an intrinsic connection with each other along the vertical direction ©陶磊建筑事务所

The house is divided into two sets of space system: above and below ground. Each conveys completely different atmosphere, while maintaining an intrinsic connection with each other along the vertical direction. In this way, they create these two parallel worlds which are different and overlapping. The above-ground courtyard is the place where the family lives. The roof of the underground studio can be treated as the home landscape while families are in the above courtyard. The plants here are as rich as possible, so that the family living here can feel relaxed and comfortable. In such a beautiful environment, children can experience and understand nature better. Also, the nature can be related to daily living much closer.

▼地上的庭院是家庭日常起居的场所,the above-ground courtyard is the place where the family lives ©陶磊

▼地上庭院,由温和的实木和半透明的穿孔铝板所包裹,the above-ground courtyard wrapped in mild solid wood and translucent perforated aluminum panels ©陶磊

▼植被丰富的地上庭院,the above-ground courtyard, the plants here are as rich as possible ©陶磊


The underground space is the place where the master creates art. Although the space below the ground is limited, two of the largest underground courtyards are designed at both ends of it to ensure the space’s sufficiency. At the same time, they provide the necessary natural lighting and ventilation to the underground studio, while creating two quiet and independent spiritual worlds. These courtyards are connecting to the interior space, telling that the interior and exterior are inseparable space unities. Natural light is from bright to dark, then back to bright. The landscape here has almost no extra things except water and bamboo, which makes the atmosphere of the whole space like solidified air which is quiet and deep, providing the creator with a place to think independently.

▼种植着竹子的地下庭院,位于空间一端,the sunken courtyard with bamboo, which is located at one end of the underground space ©陶磊

▼地下空间中的画室,天窗采光,the painting studio with the skylight for the natural light ©陶磊

▼地下空间中的画室,the painting studio in the underground space ©陶磊

▼从画室透过玻璃看室外的下沉水院,viewing the water courtyard from the painting studio through the glass ©陶磊

▼水院与画室相连,the sunken courtyard connects to the painting studio ©陶磊

▼水院坡道,the ramp of the water courtyard ©陶磊


In these two parallel worlds divided by ground, the new definition of the home is announced. The above ground courtyard is wrapped in mild solid wood and translucent perforated aluminum panels, and the semi-outdoor terrace combines rich green plants creating a comfortable atmosphere. The underground space surrounded by new casted bare concrete appears cold and stone-like character, while reveals firm and profound independence. What is more, the underground space is free from the influence from the outside world. In this way, the liberty of the soul can be gained.

▼水院夜景,地下的空间由清水混凝土浇筑而成,night view of the water courtyard, the underground space is surrounded by new casted bare concrete ©陶磊

▼一层平面图,1F plan ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼二层平面图,2F plan ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼地下一层平面图,b1 plan ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼北立面图,north elevation ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼南立面图,south elevation ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼东立面图,east elevation ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼西立面图,west elevation ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼2-2剖面图,2-2 section ©陶磊建筑事务所

▼4-4剖面图,4-4 section ©陶磊建筑事务所

设计团队:陶磊 陈真 康伯州 李京 张婧泓

Project Name: Two-fold Yard
Architecture Firm: TAOA陶磊建筑
Completion Year: 2018
Built Area : 520㎡
Project location: Beijing,China
Lead Architects: Tao Lei
Photo credits: Tao Lei
Design Team: Tao Lei, Chen Zhen, Kang Bozhou, Li Jing, Zhang Jinghong
Clients: Wang Xiaobo (Independent artist)
Engineering: Team Li Yi
Landscape: TAOA陶磊建筑
Interior: TAOA陶磊建筑
Construction: Team Sheng Changwei

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