Twins’ House,Beijing by DAGA Architects

Creating a better family experience and a taste for life

Project Specs


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This project is designer designed for a family with twins for Beijing TV Renovation Program. Beijing Dongbeiyuan Hutong where Twins’house is located in is meander-ing through the Liulichang Ancient Culture Street, adjacent to the landmark buildings like the Great Hall of the People, the National Theater, Dashilan and other core scenic spots. Just as most of Hutong life in Beijing is falling into decay, Twins’house is in desperate need of a better family experience and a taste for life.

▼改造后的廊道外观,the appearance of the renovated gallery

“大小九之家”( Twins’house)原本为四合院中的正房,面阔五间,占地80平米,涵盖一家五口的起居生活,工作学习和休闲娱乐。看似宽裕的空间还需满足双胞胎姐妹的儿童游乐房及跑道,独立卫浴,小型摄影棚和衣帽储物间,室内庭院及天台休憩等功能,如何改善基本功能,组织调和各空间动线的需求凸显出来。

The “Twins’ House” originally was the main house in the Courtyard, five-roomed, with an area of 80 square meters. It covers the function needed for the family of five to live, work, study and entertain. In the seemingly ample space, playroom with runways for the twin sisters, independent bathrooms, small studio, cloakroom, in-door yard and balcony are supposed to be designed to satisfy the family’s needs. Therefore, how to improve basic functions, and demand for organizing and reconcil-ing the traces of space users become highlighted.


The originally added simple colonnade is transformed into a hidden framing glass curtain wall, and the kitchen and dining room refitted into skylights. In the sunshine, under the stars, the family have meals sharing everyday together. Facing the corri-dor stood the glass curtain wall clad in grey rough bricks, a warmth even at night has become clear and sweet. The installation of an openable fan onto the curtain wall makes a ventilative improvement in the living room.

▼入口玄关,the entrance


The transformation is based on the activity and rest of users to divide each space, and integrates it with function. The parents, the twins and the grandma all have their own areas of working, studying and leisure. The living room sits in the middle of the house, used as a partition and hub, and on the opposite sides of the house are separately equipped with an independent bathroom. On its south is the glass colon-nade, lined with the kitchen, the dining-room, the entrance, the outdoor yard and the study. The cooking joy is in harmony with the strolling in the yard through the window of entrance. On its north is the traffic space, providing the twins with a fun runway to both of its ends found stairs with hidden cabinets beneath, leading to the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom respectively.

▼正中间的客厅,living room

▼采光充盈的餐厅,light-filled dining-room

▼位于玻璃柱廊一侧的厨房,kitchen on the side of the glass colonnade

▼书房/独立卫浴,reading room/private bathroom



Taking advantage of a sloping roof height, mezzanines are designed hanging over the both sides of the living room, opening up the ground floor for children’s play and photo studio. The mezzanines designed for rest overlook the open space — the bed-rooms of parents’ and children’s are situated on the west side, which would be a convenient arrangement for looking after the children. Meanwhile, on the east side are grandma’s bedroom and guest room, which would avoid disturbing each other.

▼姥姥卧房,grandma’s bedroom

▼联系父母卧房和儿童卧房的“猫洞”及屋顶天窗,“Cat door” combining parents’ and children’s bedrooms and Roof skylights

加建的“大小九”卧房在屋顶开了天窗,早上伴着晨曦的微光苏醒,晚上数着点点星河入眠。业主拥有一家衣帽服饰网店,却一直苦于没有方便使用的摄影展示区和仓储空间。架空的客房的一侧及下侧很好的解决了这点。不加盖的“庭院”带来了喧闹都市中不多得的“听雨”去处,屋顶的防腐木台阶也能 “远瞻”。

The newly built twins’ bedroom has a skylight on the roof. They wake up in the morning with the glimmer of dawn, and look at the glow of the Milky Way going to sleep in the evening. The owner owns an online shop selling clothes, but has been suffering from the lack of space for photography, display and storage. One side and underside of the over-head guest room deliver a good solution to this problem. The uncovered “courtyard” brings a rare place to “listen to the rain” in the noisy city, and the steps made from preservative treated wood on the roof can also be seated to “look far away”.

▼集成储物橱柜的楼梯,staircase with integrated storage cabinets

▼楼梯/储物阁楼,staircase/storage loft


▼ 夜晚鸟瞰,night view

▼首层平面图,F1 Plan

▼二层平面图,F2 Plan


设计公司:DAGA Architects大观建筑设计
施工图团队:DAGA JAZZI大观匠子施工图
Project Information
Project name: HUA JUN YI FU 9
Design company: DAGA Architects
Design team: Shen jianghai,Ren xiaowei, Huangda. Xu yunfei.Liu Yuzhe.Chen Yang.Liu Ang. Hou Zhewen. Yang Xiaoling. Zhang Yixuan.Wang Lin.
Construction Drawings;DAGA JAZZI
Design team:Wang Yihan. Wang Shuangping
Project type: Interior design & renovation
Construction area: 80㎡
Designed Year: January 2018
Photographer: Wu tou

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