TRN – Apartment Refurbishment by JRKVC

Fluid connection of spaces provided by a full height library

Project Specs


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A former monastery in which this flat is located was built in 1719. In the middle of 20th century it was converted into an apartment house. The goal of the project was to convert this space with a lot of disrupting layers into a clean and functional dwelling for a young couple.


▼餐厅区域和入口区域,dining area and entrance area


▼从客厅望向厨房,kitchen view from the living room

▼厨房细部,kitchen detailed view



We decided to uncover the beauties of old construction methods with a reasonable budget. After a short design process it was clear that the focus will be put into the main living hall. It is an open space with height of 3,6m, restored original trusses on the ceiling and a full height library. Part of the library is able to rotate and serves as a secret door to the bedroom suite behind, providing fluid connection of these two parts.

▼3.6米高的开放空间内置入了一个通高的书架,a full height library was installed in the open space with height of 3,6m

▼书架可以部分旋转,作为通往后方卧室的大门,part of the library is able to rotate and serves as a secret door to the bedroom suite behind

▼书架细部,detailed view

▼天花板上的桁架结构被保留下来,the restored original trusses on the ceiling

▼两侧空间形成连接,a fluid connection of two spaces


▼书架背面,back side of the library




Currently the apartment is inhabited by a childless couple, hence the open plan. In the future it could be converted into 3 bedroom apartment with just small interventions.

▼设计概念图,design concept

▼平面图(改造前后),plan before and after

Title: TRN—Apartment Refurbishment
Completion: 2016
Area: 100 sqm
Place: Trnava, Slovakia
Studio: JRKVC
Architects:Peter Jurkovič
Photographs:Peter Jurkovič
Ing. Arch. Peter Jurkovič
421 903 461 380

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