Tree House in Shanghai, China by Mur Mur Lab

A Hat on the Tree.

Project Specs


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得益于空间主人何老师的邀请和AmazomKids的资助,Mur Mur Lab有机会在“一个人的美术馆”实现一个临时的儿童户外游戏装置。

Sponsored by AmazomKids, Mur Mur lab got the opportunity to implement an interactive installation for kids outside the Wutopia Lab.

▼树屋外观,external view of the tree house

▼设计草图,design sketch



Mur Mur Lab延续了对简单几何形空间表现的探索。树屋骨架简洁清晰:三根垂直柱支撑着不同朝向的异形环,承担竖向荷载;三根水平杆在不同高度连接到树干,抵抗水平扰动。

In this project, Mur Mur lab continues to explore the spatial performance of simple geometries. Three perpendicular pillars support differently oriented rings and the vertical load. Three horizontal poles connect to the trunk at different heights in order to resist horizontal disturbances.

▼树屋外观,简单的几何形空间,tree house composed of simple geometries

▼结构生成图解,structure diagram


White strings interweave in space. The sun light and the green color of trees render the site into an abstract painting.

▼白色结构和彩色围护线绳组成的空间,space created by interweaving white structure and color strings



Exhibition petite

树屋小小的,也像一个人美术馆外场的延展。在它临时存在的这段时间,我们为它特别设计了”树屋微展”系列活动。“Hozi眼中的树屋”是微展的第一场。Hozi拍摄了树屋,又将树屋照片打印在小小的相框里陈列。再透过自己的镜头反观这些小小的陈列相框。有一种循环无止,轮回生息之意。Eye in eye,这是“Hozi眼中的树屋”,也启发每个人发现心中的树屋。

This small tree house seems to be the extension of Wutopia lab’s exhibition space. During its temporary existence, it hosted a series of small exhibitions. “Tree house in the eyes of Hozi” is the first one. Hozi took photos of the tree house. He printed them out and installed them in the tree house. When we looked these photos through our own lens, a feeling of continual existence generates. Hozi’s photos of the tree house inspired visitors to discover their own ideal tree house.And it’s a special experience of climbing up and down on the tree to see the show.

▼在树屋中看展览,enjoy the show in the tree house





It is a dress designed for the tree and also a gift for lovely kids. The tree house gently embraces the tree in the air, just like the one in kids’ dream. It doesn’t take up much compact outdoor space and doesn’t block visitors’ sight from looking towards Wutopia lab’s white house. The tree house is light and transparent. It doesn’t stop the summer rain from falling to the ground and shadow of trees in the sunlight.

▼惬意的空间,a cozy space to stay


Kids climb up and down on the tree house. The white string net would be their bed if they feel tired. Their laughter can reach the ground and we catch it with happiness.

▼孩子们的乐园,paradise for children


Whisper of the site,这是Mur Mur献给六一的礼物。

Whisper of the site, this is Mur Mur Lab’s gift for Children’s day.


▼轴测图,axonometric drawing

More:  Mur Mur Lab。更多关于他们:Mur Mur Lab on gooood

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