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In the heart of Garbatella, STUDIOTAMAT transforms a historic neighbourhood bakery abandoned for years, in the capital’s trendy new postcode. Here, under the arch adjacent to the restaurant, Nanni Moretti zipped through on a Vespa in his movie “Caro Diario” (“Dear Diary”). At the entrance, another tribute to the neighbourhood: “How beautiful Garbatella is!” reads a neon sign, inviting visitors and locals to enter.

▼项目外观,external view © Seven H. Zhang

▼从入口望向内部,view from entrance to interior © Seven H. Zhang


Arranged on two levels to accommodate the natural inclination of the ground, Tre de tutto has a ground floor with a triangular layout, and a large central cruciform pillar that divides the spaces. Reserved for breakfasts and aperitifs, with a lounge area dedicated to vinyl records, this room is dominated by a macro-counter covered with only two large slabs.

▼中央的十字柱划分了空间,the central cruciform pillar divides the spaces © Seven H. Zhang

▼柱子上挂有霓虹灯牌,the neon sign on the pillar © Seven H. Zhang

▼黑胶唱片休息区,the lounge area dedicated to vinyl records © Seven H. Zhang

1.5米高的马约利卡瓷砖墙裙上方的墙壁没有经过处理,只有一层透明的保护层。墙面保持原始状态,留有改造前的裂口、划痕以及涂画,体现了时间的流逝。树脂混凝土地面取代了原有地面,创造出轻微的裂痕效果。设计团队与色彩顾问Sabina Guidotti合作,使原有的中性色调与明朗的色调形成对比。墙裙采用深蓝色的马约利卡瓷砖和砖红色的接缝,与柜台的橘红色和蓝紫色纹理相融合。黄色和荧光粉的再生铁椅与采用航海技术面料的皮革色长椅相得益彰。

The walls, above a 1.50 m high majolica cladding, have not been treated, but have a transparent protective layer, and have been otherwise left in their original state, to exhibit the passage of time, featuring holes and traces of old systems, with writings and drawings prior to the renovation. The floor has been replaced by poured concrete finished in transparent resin, for a discreet and minimally invasive result. The preexisting neutral shades are contrasted by a dynamic palette of colours, studied together with the Color Consultant Sabina Guidotti. The wall cladding in deep blue majolica with contrasting brick-colored joints, fuses with the orange plum and bluette veins of the counter, while the recycled iron chairs in yellow and flesh-pink complement the leather colour of the benches covered with a nautical technical fabric.

▼吧台区域,bar area © Seven H. Zhang

▼用餐区,dining area © Seven H. Zhang

▼材料细部,details of materials © Seven H. Zhang


On the lower floor, which houses two dining rooms, the restaurant’s kitchen, services and the warehouses, light blue walls alternate with walls covered with Grid wallpaper by Texturae. The connection with the upper level is completed by a salmon-colored staircase-tunnel with portholes. An independent entrance, on the other hand, allows access to the restaurant directly from the street, thanks to a single bright yellow ramp, with a highly geometric iron structure, padded with micro-perforated sheet metal panels.

▼地下入口,entrance to lower floor © Seven H. Zhang

▼三文鱼色的楼梯隧道,the salmon-colored staircase-tunnel © Seven H. Zhang

▼楼梯隧道出口,exit of the staircase-tunnel © Seven H. Zhang

▼浅蓝色的墙壁与贴有Texturae品牌网格墙纸的墙壁相交替 © Seven H. Zhang
light blue walls alternate with walls covered with Grid wallpaper by Texturae

▼下层空间通向室外的出入口,the entrance of the lower space leading to the outside © Seven H. Zhang

事务所的联合创始人Matteo Soddu说:“店主Mirko Tommasi和Daniele Notte受到罗马最正宗的街区之一的启发,打算再现罗马美食经典。这与我们一开始的目标相一致,我们不想打破原有的空间,而是提升其品质并加强它与顾客的联系。因此,我们保留了粗糙的墙壁,使其与突显空间的现代建筑元素进行对话,包括从占据酒吧区域的整洁吧台到餐厅中精美的楼梯。” STUDIOTAMAT设计的粗犷的室内和友好的氛围使Tre de Tutto成为餐厅和酒吧的独特结合体,巧妙地融合了流行精神和精致细节。

“Owners Mirko Tommasi and Daniele Notte propose revisited classics of Roman cuisine, taking inspiration from one of the most authentic neighbourhoods in Rome, in the same way that our goal from the beginning was not to distort the pre-existing space, but to enhance it and at the same time, bond with its clientele. So, we left the rough walls, with the original layers of plaster, to dialogue with the contemporary design of the architectural elements that characterize the space, from the clean-cut counter that dominates the bar, to the exquisitely pop staircase of the restaurant” says Matteo Soddu, co-founder of the studio. Rough interiors and welcoming atmospheres designed by STUDIOTAMAT, make Tre de Tutto an original hybrid between a refined restaurant and a local bar, which cleverly mixes popular spirit and refined details.

▼上层平面图,upper floor plan © STUDIOTAMAT

▼下层平面图,lower floor plan © STUDIOTAMAT

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