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The renovation of a three-story terraced house which was  built in 1920.  The house is located in a historical compound in Shanghai’s Hongkou District, where many Japanese people lived during the foreign concessions era.  Actually, a Japanese newspaper of those days was found under the floor while renovations were under way.

▼首层餐厨空间,dining and kitchen area on the first floor ©Alessandro Wang


When we visited there for the first time, the inside of the room was dim because of the partitions and the building adjacent to the south side of the house. However, we were impressed by the light and shade contrast created by the light which shined into the room from the skylight just above the staircase.

▼改造前后平面和剖面示意,plans and section before / after renovation ©一岸建筑


The impression influenced our new design a lot to create another skylight and the void, through which the light is brought into the lower floors thoroughly.  Moreover, the staircase and the void are arranged in the same line to let us have an experience going up towards the skylight.  Stucco is used for the wall from the first floor to the third floor beside the staircase, which causes the shade to reflect on the wall when people go up or down. The bright stucco wall works as a reflector to bring the light to every corner of the room.

▼新的天窗和通高把阳光充分而均匀地送到楼下,the light is brought into the lower floors thoroughly by creating another skylight and the void ©Alessandro Wang

▼三层起居室,living room on the third floor ©Alessandro Wang

▼明亮的室内墙壁起到扩散光的作用,he bright stucco wall works as a reflector to bring the light to every corner of the room ©Alessandro Wang

▼台阶与天窗布置在同一列,the staircase and the void are arranged in the same line ©Alessandro Wang

▼连接二层和三层的楼梯,stair linking the second and third floor ©Alessandro Wang


While reinforcing the structure and some other parts, the existing beam and the floorings are retained as much as possible.  In order to match with their texture we arranged the large book case and the cabinet on the opposite side of the stucco wall, which causes the whole room to have light and shade contrast and highlights the changing light every moment.

▼从三层望向二层书房,view to the library on the second floor from the upper floor ©Alessandro Wang

▼从书房望向卧室,view to the bedroom from the library ©Alessandro Wang

▼从卧室望向书房,view to the library from the bedroom ©Alessandro Wang

▼日光透过楼梯,the sunlight goes through the stairs ©Alessandro Wang

▼一层楼梯入口,landing area on the ground floor ©Alessandro Wang

▼平面图,floor plans ©一岸建筑

▼剖面图,section ©一岸建筑

项目名称: 上海3层老房子改造
建筑公司 :一岸建筑
项目地址: 上海虹口区
完成月年份: 10.2019
建筑面积(平方米): 130 sqm
摄影师: Alessandro Wang
主创建筑师: 松下晃士,周奔阳

Project name: Tos House
Project location: Hongkou district, Shanghai
Completion month, Year: 10.2019
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 130 sqm
Photo credits: Alessandro Wang
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: MATSUSHITA Akihito,ZHOU benyang

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