Torta da Vila restaurant by PHENOMENA

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Project Specs


感谢来自 PHENOMENA 对gooood的分享。
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The project for a family restaurant, expanding to a new site started from the necessity of developing a new identity both visual and spatial, that could be easily replicated and recognizable. From the existing logo we extracted only the essential. The colors, green and gray, and the pie symbol became the foundation of a new visual, spatial and brand identity.

▼项目概览,overview © Manuel Sá


Applying green and gray both in the walls and floors combined organizes the space between exterior and interior spaces. This color scheme maintains the unity in space, even if there are physical interruptions as the stairs.

▼半露天就餐区,semi-alfresco dining area © Manuel Sá

▼半露天餐区细部,details of the semi-alfresco dining area © Manuel Sá

▼以原始形式来使用水泥等材料,raw materials such as cement are used © Manuel Sá


Painting only the bottom half of the walls creates a linearity that conducts the eye across different spaces, providing dialog and fluidity between public and private, inside and out. These are connected by the architectural elements like the hollow concrete blocks in the facade, the thin green steel counter, and the elongated light fixtures. The flow is reinforced with the big openings that not only integrate spaces, but also improves lightning and air flow. The new logo was painted with the same green tones on the facade, following the premise of what is essential, as cement, concrete and wood are used in their raw form.

▼室内空间概览,interior overview © Manuel Sá

▼只粉刷墙壁的下半部分,创造了一种引导视线穿过不同空间的线条感,only the lower half of the wall is painted, creating a sense of line that guides the eye through the different spaces © Manuel Sá

▼被涂成两种颜色的楼梯,stairs painted in two colors © Manuel Sá

▼空间细部,details of the space © Manuel Sá

▼窗台座位,window seat © Manuel Sá

▼项目平面,plan © PHENOMENA

▼项目剖面,section © PHENOMENA


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