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Hanging huge armor

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墨西哥城中著名的日式餐厅TORI TORI的第五家分店,开设在圣达菲区(Santa Fe)内的大楼一层。

Tori Tori Santa Fe is the fifth project from the renowned line of Japanese restaurants in Mexico City, this time located on the ground floor of a corporate building in the Santa Fe district.

▼餐厅概览,project overview ©César Béjar



▼用餐大厅,浮雕背景墙,dining room with embossed background wall ©César Béjar

▼巨大的木质装置夺人眼球,striking wooden installation ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼墙面上的几何图案来自于汉字的抽象变形,the abstract stylization of the Kanji characters with pure geometric graphics ©César Béjar

▼木质装置成为柱状的抽油烟机,cylindrical extraction hood ©César Béjar

▼装置上的灯与空间照明相得益彰,lights on the installation complement the space lighting ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼装置下是餐厅的主铁板操作台,main teppanyaki table under the installation ©César Béjar

▼装置细节,类似装甲,details of the installation, evokes armor ©César Béjar

▼连接大厅的露台,terrace connected to main dining area ©Genevieve Lutkin

Inspired by the subtlety and sobriety of Japanese craft skill, the serene and monochromatic atmosphere emphasizes the scale of the space with two hanging elements made in holm oak. Of monumental size and expression, their texture evokes Samurai armor; above all, the breastplate known in Japanese as dō.One of these elements demarcates the area for “grab and go” food. The larger of the two rises up over the main teppanyaki table as a cylindrical extraction hood, both transformed into lighting objects that define and delimit, thanks to their scale, the two poles of the restaurant.

The main wall, home to the sushi bar, is swathed in low-reliefs designed around the abstract stylization of the Kanji characters with pure geometric graphics. Besides the central area, the restaurant also boasts a terrace with teppanyakitables and a private dining room.

▼外带区装有另一个大型装置,another hanging over the grab and go area ©Cesar Bejar (up). Jaime Navarro (down)

▼外带区的木质隔墙,wood partition of grab and go area  ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼陈列架上玲琅满目的食物,various of food on display ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼木结构装饰及货架,wooden structure decoration and shelves ©CesarBejar

▼外卖区与吧台相邻,grab and go area is adjacent to the bar ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼吧台上方墙壁与主墙图案一直,pattern above the bar is consistent with the main wall ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼简约的吧台,simple counter ©Genevieve Lutkin

▼私人包间, private dining room ©Cesar Bejar

▼装置模型,model of the installation ©Esrawe Studio

▼平面图,plan ©Esrawe Studio

▼剖面,sections ©Esrawe Studio

Location: Mexico City
Total Built Surface Area:720 m2
Start and End Year: 2019-2020
Scope:Interior design and furnishing.
Creative Direction / Héctor Esrawe
Design Concept / Esrawe Studio
Interior Design and Furnishing / Esrawe Studio
Project Leader /Heisei Carmona
Design Team / Javier García-Rivera, Lilian Betancourt, Roberto González, Cristina Margain, Fabián Dávila, Enrique Tovar, Abraham Carrillo, Viviana Contreras, Vanessa Ortega, Alejandro Uribe, Daniel Serna.
Renders / Luis Frausto Correa
External Advisors / Casa Lux, HF Arquitectos, Grupo Bimer, High Tech Services, Figueroa y del Buen, Alusa, Ansul, CTC Ingenieros, Joaquín Ceballos, Cecilio Rodríguez, Oscar Rodríguez.
Lighting / Luz en Arquitectura
Landscaping /Taller Vertebral
Construction / Cinemex
Photography/ Genevieve Lutkin, Jaime Navarro, César Béjar.  

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