Toorak Residence by Adele Bates

Both a home and a gallery

Project Specs


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The client provided us with a comprehensive yet simple brief: Create a home conducive to a modern and comfortable lifestyle; to accommodate an active family of four within their handsome heritage-listed residence in Toorak. It was important for the clients to have a home with a strong, unique identity that possessed a sense of timeless elegance.

▼入口门厅,entry hall ©Chris Warnes


The interior space has been treated as both a home and a gallery. Wall art and furnishings have been given equal consideration in with regards to the aesthetic properties they introduce to each space. Many of the furniture pieces are sculptural in form yet practical in purpose, whilst also a visual source of wonderment, much like the wall art.

▼楼梯,stairs ©Chris Warnes


The design and styling elements adapt throughout the spaces dependent on the function and purpose of each space. We envisaged a dining room with a vivid and rich colour scheme, strong form and expression, an intriguing mélange of bright florals and formal moody timbers, traditional sharp angles and organic curves, to delight and surprise, to energise and invite lively conversation.

▼餐厅和厨房,dining area and kitchen ©Chris Warnes

厨房的设计简洁、美观而实用,旨在最大化地发挥空间的使用潜力。餐桌旁边装饰着Bill Sampson的两幅画作,在夜晚时尤其引人注目。整个住宅内的艺术品都非常具有视觉冲击力,并且都是针对每个室内空间而精心挑选和布置。

The kitchen design is beautifully minimal and yet practically functional, allowing the clients to use the space to its potential. At the head of the dining table, two Bill Sampson paintings steal the show every evening. Artworks throughout the home are visually striking and carefully curated for each interior space.

▼餐桌旁边装饰着Bill Sampson的两幅画作
At the head of the dining table, two Bill Sampson paintings steal the show every evening


The sitting room and library, traditionally a formal space, is decorated with a regal palette of blue and gold.


▼起居室,living room


In contrast, the master bedroom is layered with tonal greys, helping to create a calm and atmospheric space. The white space of the framed monochromatic hand-drawn illustrations in the bedroom contributes to the moody ambience within the bedroom.



The interior design draws on a natural palette and is very clean and minimal, consisting of warm timbers, natural stones, cool greys and crisp whites. Whilst we have employed bold colorings in the styling and art curation, we recognised the importance of creating a balance through the design so that the interiors did not feel dominated by colour. Starting with a neutral palette allowed us to create a sense of continuity throughout the various areas in the home; we then layered color into each space through the furnishings, textiles, objects and artwork.

▼室内细节,interior details


▼庭院中的艺术品,artwork in the yard

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