TIME MORE·Hand brew Coffee experience center, China by Robot 3

A world about “time”

Project Specs


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每一次来到上海都是行色匆匆,这次有机会Time More。上学的时候因为送展第一次来,外滩路、法租界来回的走,只记得金茂大厦挺高,白水很贵,还有街边很难买到的黑白胶卷。多年后的现在感谢泰摩咖啡的信任,能有机会在上海淮海路的香港广场苹果的旁边一试身手,这还挺有趣儿,Time More.

Every time I come to Shanghai, I am in a hurry. This time I have the opportunity to Time More.When I was in school, I came to the exhibition for the first time. The Bund Road and the French Concession went back and forth. I only remember that the Jinmao Tower was quite tall, the white water was very expensive, and there were black and white films that were difficult to buy on the street.Many years later, thanks to the trust of Time More Coffee, I have the opportunity to try my hand at the Hong Kong Plaza Apple in Huaihai Road, Shanghai. This is quite interesting, Time More.


▼从店内回望商场,looking back to the shopping centre from interior

▼一个关于“时间”的世界,A world about “time”

黄浦江畔的霓虹和法桐底下的绿映衬着曾经的群星璀璨。满街的红男绿女也着实精致好看,手冲咖啡有讲究,爵士乐也只有在这里才是环境搭对的地界儿。在这儿建造一个关于“时间”的世界。这个世界里只有木头,时间凝结成的生命。思想可以让人穿越空间来到更广阔的天地,天上有一颗树。这也是我们带给这个城市的一个礼物,Time More!

The neon under the Huangpu River and the green underneath the Fatong are against the stars. The red men and green women in the street are also very beautiful and beautiful. The hand-washed coffee is very particular. Jazz is only the place where the environment is right.Build a world about “time” here. There is only wood in this world, and life is condensed in time. Thought can make people travel through space to a wider world, with a tree in the sky. This is also a gift we brought to the city, Time More!

▼悬在空中的树,A tree in the sky


▼在树下看向手冲咖啡体验区,looking at handmade coffee under the “tree”

▼沿着弧形墙面伸展的展示台,display cabinet extending along the arc wall

▼展示台细部,display cabinet details

▼通向私密空间的转角,the corner leading to private space

▼在转角回望,looking back from the corner

▼私密空间,private space



设计机构:Robot 3工作室
摄影:Robot 3工作室
Robot 3 : www.robot3.com

Design Firm:Robot 3 Studio
Architect: Pan Fei,Wang Zhi
Design Consultant:Yu Yue
Client:Time More Coffee
Location:1/F, North Block, Hong Kong Plaza, 282 Huaihai Zhong Road, Huangpu District,Shanghai,China
Construction Unit: Shanghai Bofang Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Building Area: 66 sqm
Materials:Wood, Copper
Completion: 2018.08
Photographer:Robot 3 Studio
Robot 3 : www.robot3.com

More: Robot 3 Studio。更多关于他们:Robot 3 on gooood

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