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MVRDV have, with the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI), designed Tianjin Binhai Library as part of a larger plan to provide a cultural district for the city. The building acts not only as an education centre but as a connector from the park into the cultural district. An oval opening, punctured through the building is propped open by the Eye, a mirrored sphere with an auditorium, which takes the main stage within the atrium and enlarges the perceived space within. Terraced bookshelves which echo the form of the sphere create an interior, topographical, landscape whose contours reach out and wrap around the façade. In this way, the stepped bookshelves within are represented on the outside, with each level doubling up as a louvre.

▼ 天津滨海图书馆将成为城市文化中心区的重要一员,The library forms part of a larger cultural complex


▼ Tianjin Binhai Library centres around a mirrored auditorium,以一个镜面报告厅为中心的天津滨海图书馆


▼ 建筑形体构成分析,diagram

Step Diagram

“这个巨大的眼睛是图书馆的核心空间。巨大的内部空间中林立的书架不仅成为了万千本书籍的安放场所,也塑造出休息、阅读、放松、攀爬的众多空间和通往别处的路径,这是一个生机勃勃的公共空间。”MVRDV的联合创始人Winy Maas说到:“空间中央的镜面球体会场上倒映着周遭的环境,成为了一个可以360度纵观全景的窗口;这是一个真正的让人反思、沉思的空间。”

“The Eye is the centre of the library. It ‘hollows out’ the building and creates, out of bookshelves, an environment to sit, to read, to hang out, to climb and to access, to create an organic social space,” explains MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas. “In its heart is the auditorium which mirrors the environment, giving a 360 degree panorama of the space inside; a truly reflective and pensive environment.”

▼ Terraced bookshelves echo the sphere around the auditorium,书架形成的退台式梯田,在形式上回应了圆形报告厅



▼ 阶梯式书架空间格局,zonning of the terraced bookshelves

TP575-Book mountain activities

极具未来感的波纹状阶梯在顶部渐渐收拢,形成了一个如同教堂拱顶般的圆顶空间,贯穿上下,连接各层。在未来,与其相邻的四座公共建筑也将相继落成,来自Bernard Tschumi建筑事务所、Bing Thom建筑事务所、华汇设计和GMP的设计将让这里成为让人瞩目的“文化走廊”。

The futuristic library sits within a sheltered gallery, topped with cathedral-like vaulted arches, which winds its way throughout the scheme. MVRDV’s project is surrounded by four other cultural buildings designed by an international team of architects including Bernard Tschumi Architects, Bing Thom Architects, HH Design and GMP.

▼ The Eye offers a reflective and pensive atmosphere within the library,为图书馆内部提供了一个镜像空间,创造出引人深思的知识氛围



The five levels of the building contain an extensive programme of educational facilities. The subterranean level has in it service spaces, book storage and a large archive, whilst above this on the ground floor are easy access reading areas for children and the elderly, the main entrance and access to the cultural complex, the auditorium and terraced access to the floors above. The first and second floors consist primarily of reading rooms, books and lounge areas whilst the top two floors also include meeting rooms, offices, computer rooms and audio rooms.

▼ 建筑结构,流线和功能示意, structure, circulation and program




Tianjin Library is part of German architects GMP’s 120,000m2 masterplan which aims to accentuate the characteristics of the surrounding districts. Through its design the complex will become a junction point for the CBD, old town, residential districts, commercial areas and the government quarter; hoping to compensate for any missing programme in each. The library’s outer volume was given in the masterplan so the Eye and its surrounding semi-public area is an internal space, like an inverted icon, acting as a central point and folly in the building.

The project will be MVRDV’s second completed design in Tianjin. TEDA Urban Fabric, completed in 2009, provided 280,000 m2 of mixed high and low-rise housing and retail.

▼ 一层平面,first floor

150422-Plans 1

▼ 二层平面,second floor

150422-Plans 2

▼ 三层平面, third floor

150422-Plans 3

▼ 四层平面,fourth floor

150422-Plans 4

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