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photo by  Christian Richters

photo by  Christian Richters
The design for the new theatre in Lelystad is part of the Master plan for the city center of Lelystad, designed by West 8. The theatre plays an important role during the day as well as during the night in this area of the city. The clustering of cultural and social activities in this new quarter will give Lelystad an outspoken cultural face.

In this context the design for the theatre forms an important orientation point with a forthright architectonical look. Walking from the central station the theatre-tower forms a striking accent in the diagonal view. At night the volume illuminates, and is easily traceable from the different parking facilities.

In daytime the shape of the theatre has a sculptural effect. The grand café, also open during the day, connects to the evening square. From the different lobbies of the entrance of the theatre a beautiful view of the Green Care is presented. The vertical foyer, which swings through the entire building, connects different theatre and congress halls on the different floors.

The typology of the theatre has become more and more complex during the years. UN Studio strived to bring the complexity of a multifunctional theatre back into a flexible, transparent and intelligent design. The clear and open organization of the design will serve as a cultural icon for Lelystad.

UN Studio has worked on different projects where theatre art and new media were important aspects in the program. The interaction between different art disciplines should be integrated in the design process of these buildings. UN Studio’s expertise lies in the
analytical approach of the design requirements. During the research process, before the design process, questions regarding special organization and the multifunctional use of the theatre obtain an important role.

photo by Iwan Baan  

photo by  Christian Richters
小剧场大厅200座新的莱利斯塔德剧场位于west 8为莱利斯塔德新作的总体规划中。剧场全天候的在城市中扮演着重要角色。新区域的集结文化和社会活动能力给了莱利斯塔德一张坦率的文化面貌。在此背景下,将剧院设计定位为明确的体系重要视点。人视点角度,中央火车站与剧院形成了一个引人注目的对角视图。夜间的照明设计使其很容易从不同的停车设施中轻松到达。在白天,剧场具有雕塑般效果。环境美妙的咖啡馆全天开放,并与夜广场相连。剧场入口大堂是一个充满关爱,不同凡响的大堂。大堂垂直贯穿整个建筑,并连接不同的楼层的剧院和会议厅。



photo by  Iwan Baan(left)  photo by  Christian Richters(right)

Renderings and diagram: UNStudio

Renderings and diagram: UNStudio

Renderings and diagram: UNStudio

Renderings and diagram: UNStudio

Location:              Lelystad, the Netherlands
Program:              Regional theatre 
Building surface:   5890m2 bvo 
Seats:                  Large theatre hall: 725
                            Small theatre hall: 200 
Volume:               30.000m³
Building site:        2.925 m² and expedition area

莱利斯塔德,荷兰2002 – 2007地点:莱利斯塔德,荷兰

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Gerard Loozekoot, Jacques van Wijk and Job Mouwen,
Holger Hoffmann, Khoi Tran, Christian Veddeler, Christian Bergmann, Sabine Habicht,
Ramon Hernandez, Ron Roos, Rene Wysk, Claudia Dorner, Markus Berger, Markus Jacobi,
Ken Okonkwo, Jorgen Grahl-Madsen
Executive architect
B+M, Den Haag
Theatre technique: Prinssen en Bus Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Uden
Engineering: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Almere
Acoustics/Fire strategy: DGMR, Arnhem

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