Taschen launches BIG’s Yes is More as their first eBook

Taschen republishes YES IS MORE as the World’s 1st Architectural Monograph in an eBook edition tailored to the Apple iPad

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Straight on the heels of being named the Best Architectural Monograph of 2010 by the DAM Museum, Taschen republishes YES IS MORE as the World’s 1st Architectural Monograph in an eBook edition tailored to the Apple iPad.

The digital edition of Yes is More not only includes the 400 page Archicomic which has now been translated into 6 languages, but updates several projects which have been completed since it hit bookstores in Feb 2009. In addition to the updates of the Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010 and the 8 House in Copenhagen, the eBook takes you behind the scenes of BIG’s three most recent projects.

“We have always been very interested in finding ways to transmit ideas and experiences between people in the most blatant way possible. This has led us to explore the potentials and limitations of various media, cross-breeding between monographs and comic books, documentary and architectural photography, lectures and music videos. For us the iPad and the eBook represent a unique possibility for merging multiple media, diverse expressions and forms of communication into a single hybrid format. Yes is More on eBook is our first and early attempt at exploring this virgin territory”, Bjarke Ingels, BIG

Over 25 short films and animations have been added to create a truly immersive experience that distinguishes the eBook from its printed kin. The $ 9.99 Yes is More eBook is available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store (click here)


被DAM博物馆评为2010年最佳建筑著作的《是就是多》,成为了塔森出版发行的世界上第一本适用于iPad的建筑类电子书。这一版书不光只有400页建筑漫画,更是被被翻译成了6种语言,并且更新了自09年2月出版以后完成的几个项目。除了2010年上海世博会丹麦馆,哥本哈根8楼的更新之外,电子书还包含了big最近的三个项目。“我们一直非常感兴趣:如何最鲜明传递人的想法与感知。这促使我们去探索各种媒体的潜能和界限,将学术专著与漫画,纪录片和建筑摄影,讲座和音乐录影等各种媒体交织起来。对我们来说,iPad和电子书代表了一个独一无二的复合多媒体,多样的表现形式和传播方式的具有独特的可能性。电子书《是就是多》是我们的第一在这个“处女地”上的探索”——Bjarke Ingels,BIG

超过25部短片和动画已添加到电子书上,建立起一个真正身临其境的体验。 只要9.99美元,请到苹果iTunes app应用商店下载(点击此处)


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