the Yellow River Hotel of Jungar Banner by sunlay design

a gigantic piece of rock breaks through earth and rise on the site

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Beijing Sunlay Design shared with us their proposal for the Yellow River Hotel of Jungar Banner. This building stands with a building area of 44560 m²above ground and has a building area of 23644 m²under ground, which adds to a total building area of 68204 m².



“Everything I saw standing on the site was strong contradistinction created by the confrontation between the endless desert and the yellow river which is full of vitality”. It occurred to the architects that given with this unique environment this building massing should be something extremely geometric. Like the pyramid standing in the desert, this building should be breaking the horizon and blending into the landscape, in which way architecture and environment will strengthen each other. Finally, building concept came out as this: a gigantic piece of rock breaks through earth and rise on the site. While experiencing years of rain and storm, the weathering rock became a statue of history.

Located on the spot where the desert, wetland and yellow river met each other, the biggest challenge for this project is to find a way to deal with the relationship between the building and environment. Architects solved this problem using the following methods.





Landmark  标识性

using simple and geometric massing which distinguish the building from nature to create a dominate symbol on the site. 使用简洁并附有力量感的建筑形式,使其区别于自然的肌理,从而确立建筑在场地中的标识性。

Blending  融合

Taking local stone as main material, this building represents a similar color tune and texture with the desert, which makes the building a gigantic rock standing on the site. 建筑的主要材料采用当地特有的石材,由于其色调和质感与沙漠十分接近,使得建筑宛如矗立在沙漠中的巨石。

Strengthening  强化

The building and environment are strengthening the character of each other. 建筑与自然环境的关系是相互强化各自的性格特征。

Sight 视线

The building will not block the view to the yellow river according to visual analysis. VIP rooms on the east get the best view to the yellow river. 建筑位置及朝向经过视线分析,不构成景观遮挡。东向酒店房间完全朝向黄河景观,将最好的视点展现给使用者。

Tactile impression 触感:

experience of the building is enhanced while visiting the building by using the combination of different spaces, materials and scales. 通过不同体量的空间组合和不同材料的使用来感知空间的多样性并使人产生丰富的建筑体验。




This building stands on the spot where you can overlook the yellow river and the wetland faraway, in which circumstance the principle of design is to optimize the view while standing in the building. Interior landscape runs to the outside and connect the exterior with interior. The cladding on the east part of the building represents full transparency and low energy consuming. As the VIP rooms stacking together like crystal till the top, a huge dining hall is placed here, where visitors can overlook the intersection between the wetland and the desert, the yellow river is also flowing far behind. Conference center and exhibition center is built along the landscape, introducing natural element into the building.




▼ 标准层透视








Project Location: Xiaotanzi scenic spot, Jungar Banner, Inner Mongolia
Design Time: 2011
Design Office: Sunlay Design
Director: Zhuang Hua
Design Team: Zhuang Hua, He Wei, Stefanie Helga Paul, Liu Weiwei, Fu Changrui, Li Jie, Chen Na,   Wang Guofeng
Building Area: 68204 m²

设计团队:何威、stefanie helga paul、刘维炜、傅昌瑞、李杰、陈娜、王国峰
建筑面积:68204 平方米

MORE:  三磊建筑设计公司  sunlay design,更多请至:sunlay design on gooood

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