“The Toy Box” by Estudio ji Arquitectos

A space that everything is a toy

Project Specs


感谢 Estudio ji Arquitectos 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Estudio ji Arquitectos for providing the following description:


该房间的主人是estudio ji事务所遇到的最年轻的客户:分别只有3岁和5岁。他们的愿望并不宏大,只希望拥有场所、空间、色彩和富有想象力的体验。

– The client: I need a “toy store to store toys”
– Architects “estudio ji” : “We create a space that EVERYTHING IS A TOY !!”

The project is intended for the youngest clients we have had: 3 and 5 years. These mini-clients do not demand great needs, only places, spaces, colors and imaginative experiences.

▼房间概览,interior overview

▼房间概览,interior overview


That is why we decided to make the leap of designing the furniture that we were commissioned to make a “mega furniture” that in itself is the toy and also The toy box”.



We had a very interesting volume in one of the bedrooms of a building built in the 40’s where we obtained the great advantage and opportunity to have a height of 4 meters free. This mega-furniture is based, in its concept, on a poplar wood fold that surrounds the space and creates volumes according to the places we wanted give them:

– beds in line with nest beds below
– stairs
– yellow play tunnel with hemispheres and nets
– benches
– blackboards on walls and furniture
– fun and sliding chairs
– A desk table representing a sun
– Lights like moons or stars
– High and low storage

▼可以涂画的墙壁,blackboards on walls and furniture

▼床铺细部,bed detailed view

▼黑板墙细部和进入隧道的圆洞,detailed views of the blackboard and the hole to  the tunnel

▼黄色游戏隧道,yellow play tunnel with hemispheres and nets


In short, it is a space if a specific purpose, timeless and with the values of imagine, discover, invest, up, down, skip… We have offered you the game tools, now are the children who decide how to use it.

They can sleep or jump
They can climb, or play, or hide.
They can paint or customize your furniture or walls
They can write or save
They can watch or play with their hands ….


▼趣味滑动椅和象征着太阳的桌子,fun and sliding chairs, with the desk table representing a sun

Proyecto: © Estudio ji Arquitectos
Jorge Frías + Irene Zurdo
Colaborador: Darío Vilana
Fotografía: Mariela Apolonio
Promotor: Privado
Localización del proyecto: Altea (Alicante)
Superficie: 19,85 m2
Presupuesto: 15.000 €

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