The Serpentine Landscape of Hotel and Residences by T.R.O.P : terrains + open space

Binton Treasure Island on Crystal Lagoon

Project Specs


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Binton Island is an Indonesian’s Island situated close to Singapore. The Island has some beautiful beaches and seaside landscape, but, however, it has never reach its potential to become the Region’s Tourism Destination.

Well, the owner of this project has the ambition to change that. They have a Mega Project named Binton Treasure Island, and they gave us the commission to do a very first Phase of the whole Master Plan.

Our scope is to provide a landscape design that can unite the Iconic Hotel and 100 Service Residences. The Architectural Design is done by Department of Architecture Co., Ltd. They proposed the Ring-shape Building as the Iconic Hotel and, for Service Residences, 100 White Villas floating on Crystal Lagoon, the World’s Largest Swimming Pool. Because the shape of the Ring Hotel is very dominant, our first thought is to create a Form-less Landscape to compliment the Hotel.


Because the Owner has a strong Chinese Belief, we apply the idea of Yin-Yang, a princial of Dualism, into our design process. Some said “In Yin, there is Yang and in Yang, there is Yin”. So we think Transformation is the key.

First, we play with the Transformation of the Lagoon’s spatial structure.

We want to propose a new direction of using Crystal Lagoon, which, because of its enormous size, is spectacular but extremely under-used.

In Yin Yang, Balance plays a big role. Now, we simply balance the Physical Appearance of Green Landscape and the Lagoon. Inspired by Indonesian’s Island Geography, we create a series of Green Island to unite, transform, enclose, and divide the Crystal Lagoon into several usable pools. Each Pool varies in size, width, depth and function.

Basically there are 3 Types of Service Residences. 3BR Villas, 1-2 BR Villas and Multi-stories Villas. All of the Villas are strategically located next to the Lagoon, so our residents could walk right into the Lagoon from their Living Rooms. Because the Lagoon uses White Membrane Surface on top of compact soil, we think it is much nicer to be able to walk on Hard Surface. So, under the water surface of the Lagoon, we also provide Private Pool Area for each of our residences. With the depth differences, these Private Pools help creating a variety of Blue Color to make the pool looking nicer.

Overall, the Islands appears as a serpentine landscape, moving on top of the huge piece of water.



规划景观围绕一个集中式标志性酒店及100个服务别墅展开。建筑由Department of Architecture公司设计,标志性酒店为环状,100个单体白色别墅漂浮在世界上最大的游泳池“水晶湖”之上。环状标志性酒店非常强势,所以景观皆为衬托。业主有着很强的中国化思维,他们相信阴阳理论,认为其相补相和。所以,景观设计师认为调和是重点。














Project name: The Serpentine Landscape of Hotel and Residences @ Binton Treasure Island
Landscape Architect: TROP Co, ltd.
Project Team: Pok Kobkongsanti (Principal), Pattarapol Jormkhanngen, Wasin Muneepeerakul,
Bun Asai, Achareeya Parkmaruk, Chonfun Atichat, Tatsaneeya Pasuk, Chanatip Cheevamongkol
Architect: Department of Architecture Co, ltd.
Location: Binton Island, Indonesia
Project Type: Landscape Design of Hotel and Service Residences
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 200,000 sqm

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