LEGO Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne

A functioning greenhouse built entirely from LEGO, even the earth is LEGO

Project Specs

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LEGO Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne
London Design Festival 2011, Covent Garden
The LEGO Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne is a functioning greenhouse built entirely from LEGO. The walls, the floors, even the earth is LEGO. The plants and vegetables growing inside are however, entirely real.

“We have ended up with an interesting juxtaposition of a natural environment growing in an almost digital, mass produced LEGO structure, and it makes you look at LEGO in a new way”. Sebastian Bergne.

Standing in London’s Covent Garden in front of the famous covered market, the temporary greenhouse seems out of place yet somehow fitting. Its pitched roof references reflect the architecture that surrounds it and the plants inside bring nature back to this area once famous for its garden trade.

In daylight, the structure looks very much like an ordinary suburban greenhouse dropped into a new environment. Yet at night, it assumes another character entirely. It is transformed into a magical box, glowing and lit, it seems, by the life of the plants it contains.

Though a temporary installation, the LEGO Greenhouse’s functionality hints at the possible potential of LEGO to bridge the gap between toy and useable construction for the real world.

The LEGO Greenhouse was commisioned by Covent Garden and LEGO and is part of the London Design Festival 2011.

15 – 25 September 2011
North Piazza, Covent Garden,
London WC2E 8RF

由Sebastian Bergne设计的乐高花园是一个正常运作的温室,里面墙壁,地板,甚至泥土也都是乐高。但是长在其中的植物和蔬菜却是真实的。

“我们已经完成了这个数字化的,与自然共存的,大规模的乐高结构,它将使你用一种全新的态度看待乐高。” —–Sebastian Bergne.




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