Section 2 of the High Line by James Corner Field Operations

”The greatness of many excellent cities lies in the ground.”

Project Specs

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Appreciation towardsJames Corner Field Operations for providing the following description:

(above) view of ‘wildflower field’, looking north tower west 29th street


aerial view from west 21st street, looking south along 10th avenue toward the hudson river


‘chelsea thicket’, a densely-plated area of trees and shrbs between west 20th and west 22nd street

’切尔西灌木丛’, 西20大道和西22大道之间密接的树丛

The Section 2 of the High Line runs from West 20th Street to West 30th Street (ten blocks). One of the distinctive characteristics of this area is its narrow width (typically 30 feet across), and the straight linearity (ten linear blocks). While the simplicity in design material and the consistency with the rest of High Line design are maintained through the employment of the basic design elements (planking, planting, furnishing, lighting, access points elements etc.) prototyped in Section 1, the uniquely narrow and linear site conditions are emphasized by a series of distinctive spaces -the thicket, the lawn, the meadow, the flyover, the straight-away, and the cut-out – established to provide a cohesive but distinct sequence of experiences.

a straight pathway that run alongside wildflowers and the original railroad tracks




in front of ‘HL23’ by los-angeles based firm neil denari architects

由洛杉矶事务所neil denari architects设计的 ’HL23’

高线公园是纽约市民非常喜欢的去处,今年6月,万众瞩目的高线公园2期也正式对外开放。这个项目由纽约景观事务所 James Corner Field Operations和纽约建筑事务所 Diller Scofidio + Renfro合作设计。

高线公园2期从西20街到西30街,横跨了10个街区,鲜明特点为宽度较窄(通常是在30英尺宽左右)和直线线性关系(10个线性块)。设计在各方面与一期保持了相同的基本元素(铺装,种植,家具,照明,交接处理),同时强调通过一系列有特色的序列空间,营造出丰富的体验观感。总长约一英里的高线公园2期覆盖了完整的无障碍通道,并在原来的基础上增设两部电梯。一系列的景观各有千秋,造福公众。 “切尔西灌木丛”,种植着茂密的花丛和低矮的灌木林; “草坪和台阶座椅”的阶梯座椅皆是回收柚木,还一个455平方米的大草坪,是绝佳的聚会场所;还有种类繁多,时刻绽放的“野花花坛”以及有着木质座椅的“第26大道观景台”。

’26th street viewing spur’, looking east
’第23大道观景台’, 向东侧看

’23rd street lawn and seating steps’, a gathering space between west 22nd and west 23rd street
’第23大道草坪和台阶座椅’, 位于西22大道和23大道间的聚会场所

aerial view of ‘falcone flyover’

’falcone flyover’ 鸟瞰图

evening view of ‘falcone flyover’

’falcone flyover’夜景

aerial view from west 30th street, looking south toward the statue of liberty and the world trade center site


Client : New York City Economic Development Corporation, Department of City Planning-City of
New York, City of New York Parks and Recreations Friends of High Line
Design Team :James Corner, Nahyun Hwang, Heeyeun Yoon, Danilo Martic, Karen Tamir Consultants: Diller Scofidio+Renfro, Buro Happold, Piet Oudolf, L’Observatoire International
Size: 2.7acres
Budget – entire park (sections 1+2): $150 million
Section 2 Design: 2007-2009
photography by Iwan baan , courtesy of James Corner Field Operations and Friends of the High Line

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