The People’s Station, China by PAO

To invites visitors to explore the historic core of the city.

Project Specs


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The People’s Station is a cultural center designed to reinvigorate the sleepy Kwan-Yen district of Yantai. The building is situated just beyond the edge of the business district. With large open entryways, semi-outdoor areas and sections lifted above the ground, the building acts as a nex-us that invites visitors to explore the historic core of the city.

▼众空间位于历史文化街区内,The People’s Station is designed to reinvigorate the sleepy Kwan-Yen district of Yantai ©朱锐


The project followed an unusually tight schedule. With the use of our proprietary prefabricated system, the People’s Station was conceived and built in a total of three months.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©众建筑

▼从各层露台俯瞰周边海景,outdoor terraces on each level offer elevated views of surroundings  ©朱锐


The interior of the People’s Station features a large events hall that is flooded with natural light from pyramidal clearstory windows floating above. The exhibition space expands upwards and diagonally towards the staggered second and third floors where visitors will find a Lounge, a Bookstore, and a Cinema. Outdoor terraces on each level offer elevated views of surrounding historic buildings and the ocean that lies just beyond.

▼入口,entrance ©众建筑

▼内部展厅,interior view ©众建筑

▼图书馆,library ©朱锐 

▼二楼休息区,rest area  ©众建筑


On the ground floor are portable appendages that, when attached, increase the building’s foot-print in an accordion-like manner, extending the building’s range of uses. These vehicles, a Peo-ple’s Canopy and several Tricycle Houses, can also easily collapse and detach from the People’s Station. They can be cycled to other locations as cultural satellites to host activities in hard-to-reach areas in larger Yantai.

▼三轮房车,Tricycle Houses ©众建筑



▼众行顶,Peo-ple’s Canopy ©众建筑


众空间的开幕活动是题为“众介入”(Mass Interventions)的众建筑/众产品设计作品回顾展。而这座建筑本身,也集众建筑过去七年来各种代表作于一身,包括众行顶、插件家系统和三轮房车等等。这座综合体的设计初衷,是为烟台市增添与市民切实相关的新活力,促进当地更广泛的社会联结。

The inaugural event at the People’s Station is a retrospective exhibition of our design work, and is titled Mass Interventions. The building itself is an accumulation of the most exemplary pro-jects created by People’s Architecture Office over the past seven years including the People’s Canopy, the Plugin Prefabricated System, and the Tricycle House. The complex is designed to be a vibrant addition to the larger social fabric of the city of Yantai, actively engaging with its citi-zens.

▼夜幕降临,into the night   ©朱锐

▼建筑配件派出示意,the attached portable appendages

▼首层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan

▼三层平面图,the third floor plan




客户 : 烟台创源文化传媒有限公司
地点 : 烟台
设计主持:何哲,James Shen(沈海恩),臧峰
Client:Yantai Chuangyuan Cultural Media, LTD.
Principals: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Team: Li Zhenghua, Feng Ziqing, Lin Mingkai, Xu Xi, Cui Gangjian, Xiang Weix-ing, Liu Sixuan, Hai Xiao, Chen Ziwei
Structural Consultant: Yu Fengbo
Photographers: People’s Architecture Office, Zhu Rui

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