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City is a synergy where we can make friends, work with partners, seek our clients and so on. However, the city we can see nowadays is too crowded, and high-rise buildings are built more and more so that most of us really wish our living surroundings can be relaxed and comfortable lightly. There is a place we are willing to jump up dull seats and go outside to breath fresh air and stretch ourselves. The office we just found that is what we expected. Both the convenience of life and comfortable environment around downtown.

▼餐厅与茶室,空间之间不设隔墙,而是通过黑白颜色来区分,the black dining area and the white tea space without any partitions

我们的办公空间有两个模块, 一个是生活 ,一个是工作,我们把它理解为一个分享的空间,可能会更好。那我们可以在这里分享什么呢?分享美食,分享花艺,分享我们的工作,或者分享我们的日常,它都是一个好的平台。也让我感受到其实它可以做一个分享的空间,不只是一个会议室或者餐桌。


▼办公室的入口空间,设有绿色庭院,the entrance of the office with a green courtyard

▼从会客区看餐厅和茶室,公共空间具有开放的平面布局,viewing the dining area and tea area, the public space of the office features an open plan

▼茶室,设有开向室外景观的大窗,the tea space with a large window that is open to the outside landscape

▼茶室座椅细节,details of the tea space

There are two spaces in office, one for life and the other for work. Actually, we also called life space is a space of sharing, so what we share usually in there? It’s a nice platform where we share gourmet food, floriculture, work or our daily life. All in all, this sharing space not can be a meeting room or dinning table only.

Time is equal to everyone. The schedule and lifestyle of designers is that, in my opinion, in a wonderful area they chat and social contact with others so that they create ideas freely and bring up living condition. About how to understand simplicity that means getting rid of complex but not cutting down elements in fact. So what we need to persist that I think is a more pure lifestyle. Just like our tea space, in the face of green plants, we are here to stop footsteps and thinking. In this state we have time to self-examination, to seek the direction which we don’t want to give up. It’s a favourable and more interesting lifestyle and this is what we are asking for.

▼从餐厅休闲区看会客区,两个区域黑白分明,viewing the white meeting area from the black dining area

▼餐厅局部,采用黑色色调,配以木色的家具,partial view of the dining area in the black tone with wooden furniture

▼厨房,the kitchen

▼从厨房向会客区过渡,办公区的入口位于会客区一角,the transition from the kitchen to the meeting area, the entrance of the office area is located at a corner of the meeting area

▼白色的会客区,the white meeting area

▼会客区细节,details of the meeting area

▼办公室平面布置图,layout plan of the office


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