The Mushroom – a wood house in the forest, Jiangxi, China by ZJJZ

Merge into the natural environment using raw materials

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The Mushroom is located in a pine forest. Thus handling the relationship between nature and the architecture became the essential approach of our design.

▼森林中的木屋,wooden house in the forest ©休耕建筑


The architectural form of the Mushroom is composed of two simple volumes according to the functions: The main part of the mushroom is the guest room space, with a panoramic window set up near the viewing height. When sitting on chairs or leaning on the bed, the guests are immersed in the surrounding nature. The loft serves as a child area, linked by the small-scale stairs. The pure white cone-shaped roof is rounded on top, creating a sense of unbounded extension to the space.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©上:休耕建筑,下:田方方

▼建筑由两个体量组成,building composed of two volumes ©田方方

▼入口,entrance ©田方方

▼材质细部,material details ©休耕建筑

▼卧室,透过长条窗欣赏外界景观,bedroom, view to the outdoor scenery through the ribbon window ©休耕建筑

▼包裹在木制墙体中的楼梯,staircase wrapped in the wooden walls ©田方方

▼狭窄的楼梯,一侧为卧室,一侧为浴室,small staircase with bedroom on the one side and bathroom on the other ©休耕建筑

▼二层阁楼亲子区,child area on the upper floor ©休耕建筑

▼从亲子区俯瞰卧室,look down at the bedroom from the child area ©休耕建筑


The bathroom and storage space are arranged in a simple rectangular volume, which is inserted into the main body of the Mushroom. A horizontal window is designed next to the bathtub, avoiding the view from pedestrian path to ensure privacy, while bringing nature into the space. Meanwhile, the circular skylight at the top introduces different expressions of light and shadows with the change of time and weather. This poetic space also serves as the entrance lobby of the house, where the guests often visit and linger.

▼浴室,bathroom ©休耕建筑


The Mushroom house adopts a lifted steel structure to minimize the impact of construction on the site. As time goes by, green plants on the ground will gradually spread to embrace the building. The cone-shape roof is cladded with pine woods, while the rest of the house is coated with granolithic concrete. The material changes in color with humidity and time, allowing the building to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment.

▼房间平面图,room plan ©休耕建筑

▼上层空间平面图,loft plan ©休耕建筑

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©休耕建筑

▼剖面图,section ©休耕建筑

主创及设计团队:沈洪良, 陈宣儒,蔡玉盈
项目地址:江西, 中国


Project Name: The Mushroom – a wood house in the forest
Design: ZJJZ
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2020
Leader Designer & Team: Sean Shen, Xuanru Chen, Yuying Kate Tsai
Project Location: Jiangxi, China
Gross Built Area: 50m2
Photo Credits: Fangfang Tian, ZJJZ
Structure Consultant:XIE Technologies
Construction: Zhejiang Huzhou Deyi Construction Co., Ltd.

Clients: TREE WOW

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