The Melting Sun by ENORME Studio

Combination of three-dimensional geometries and visual games

Project Specs


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La Casa Encendida is one of the epicenters of Madrid’s artistic and cultural tissue. It is one of those very few centers that truly combines the essence of an experimental artistic center of reference with a series of services, workshops, and intergenerational cultural contents, while also having a great impact in the neighborhood … some girls come prepared to let their feet dance at an art and music festival on the terrace and they come across a lady with her grandson who come from consulting some books in the library after having attended a workshop on how to make dioramas.

▼视频,video © ENORME Studio

这种文化的融合与多世代间的交流是ENORME Studio设计中心入口装置“融化的太阳”的灵感。设计师重新利用了中心已有的屏幕显示器,并将它们组合成一个大的移动屏幕,从而达到汇集信息、方便集体交流的目的。

This miscegenation and hybridization is what ENORME Studio has worked with in the design of access to the center. First, reusing a screen display, which the LCE already had, turning it into a large expanded mobile screen, a communicator on a collective scale.

overview © Javier de Paz García

Space installation with experimental art atmosphere © Javier de Paz García


In addition, LCE is a proximity center, a digital context, and a community, so this display shows daily and simple information such as center hours and activities while the space is flooded with LCE’s digital identity on the networks.

colored LED tubes outlines the whole space © Javier de Paz García

electronic information screens above the reception desk © Javier de Paz García


Embracing this digital device, a large circle appears, a sun, made of reflective steel, which projects subtle reflections of the flow and movement of people entering and leaving the space as well as the incidence of streetlight. The sun builds an entrance, a welcome metaphor and frames an information point that hybridizes the proximity of physical media with the impact of digital access.

the “sun” made by reflective steel © Javier de Paz García

changing LED lights with scrolling message screen © Javier de Paz García

detail of the device © Javier de Paz García


The piece explores three-dimensional geometries and visual games with the aim of solving day-to-day needs in a singular way: a workspace, an accessible information desk, a display of publications, storage for communication material, etc.

details of the display of publications © Javier de Paz García


Lastly, a three-dimensional beam of light, made from a composition of configurable colored LED tubes tensed from the wall to the ceiling, outlines the entire set to achieve visibility from the outside. Thus, from a distance, you already know that you have finally arrived at La Casa Encendida.

entrance of theLa Casa Encendida © Javier de Paz García

illustrations © ENORME Studio

plan © ENORME Studio

Designers: ENORME Studio
Institution: La Casa Encendida
Location: Madrid
Date: february 2021
Pictures: Javier de Paz García.

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