Takao Eat, Kaohsiung city by HAO Design

designing a complex space combining reading, food selection, exhibition, and classes in the historical museum

Project Specs


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The present is a continuation of the past. The light green building by the Love River, formerly known as the City Hall during the Japanese occupation, Kaohsiung City Government, and now the Kaohsiung Museum of History (KMH), is a place where stories and cultures are piled up and influenced by each other. After two months of renovation, reorganizing and integrating history, nature, and humanities, and see the trajectory of urban development.

▼建筑外观,高雄历史博物馆,exterior view of the Kaohsiung Museum of History ©Hey!Cheese


In contrast to the new design, we chose to take a step back in time and deconstruct the design vocabulary of arc, arch, and symmetry in the old building and incorporate them into this design concept. When visitors come to visit the museum, the charm of the museum will not be overtaken by the extra interior design, but will be set against its historical weight, and the legacy of design will be seen inadvertently.

▼多元场域外观,exterior view of the multi-function space ©Hey!Cheese

▼解构与提取圆弧语汇,deconstructing the design vocabulary of arch ©Hey!Cheese


In response to the symmetrical design of the original building, symmetrical service counters and vending areas are planned on both sides of the main entrance to conform to the principle of beauty; the design of the countertop continues the arch shape and rounded edges of the original structure, stacking up the image of staircase columns and steps, and can be freely changed to make the display more flexible. We  using terrazzo and glass window grilles as building materials, the new objects are integrated into the old space, just like the original building.

▼呼应原建筑的对称式设计,in response to the symmetrical design of the original building ©Hey!Cheese

▼两侧的服务台和贩售区,views of the service counters and the vending areas ©Hey!Cheese

▼贩售区的陈列柜台,display counters in the vending areas ©Hey!Cheese

▼二层视角,view from the second floor ©Hey!Cheese

▼木质储物柜和盖章区,the wooden locker and the table for sealing©Hey!Cheese

其中新加入的多元场域“打狗喫 TAKAO EAT”是结合了阅读、选食、展示、课程等复合式空间,建筑外形有如拱形玻璃温室,视线所及,前有高雄港,后有寿山,身旁有爱河,汲取如此得天独厚的地景为灵感,将山、海、河自然曲线融入空间中,为旧建物注入活水。

The newly added multi-function space “TAKAO EAT” is a complex space combining reading, food selection, exhibition, and classes, etc. The shape of the building is like an arched glass greenhouse, with Kaohsiung Harbor in front of it, Shoushan behind it, and the Love River beside it. Inspired by such a unique landscape, the natural curves of mountains, seas and rivers are integrated into the space to inject living water into the old buildings.

▼场域入口,the entrance of “TAKAO EAT”© Hey!Cheese


The color of the space is taken from the light green and earthy yellow of the building’s exterior. The design of the cooking counter and display area continues the rounded edges of the old building, and the chandeliers and round display shelves are placed in a staggered manner, like a natural flow. The chair back of the sofa area is stretched into a block, imitating the gray-green brick wall of the KMH exterior, and the stone carvings of the temple are preserved, linking the past with the present time and space here.

▼对外开放的用餐区,the open dining area © Hey!Cheese

the color taken from the light green and earthy yellow of the building’s exterior © Hey!Cheese

▼柜台,the counter © Hey!Cheese

▼用餐区,the dining area © Hey!Cheese

▼保留下的庙宇石雕,preserving the stone carvings of the temple © Hey!Cheese

▼餐盘回收处,the recycle place © Hey!Cheese

▼不同材质的融合,blending different materials © Hey!Cheese

▼场域上空,view of the ceiling © Hey!Cheese

▼二层视角,view from the second floor © Hey!Cheese

▼家具摆放错落有致,the furnitures placed in a staggered manner © Hey!Cheese


The transformation of the space is not only for visual display, but also for the integration of art and culture aesthetics, the transmission of stories, and the creation of an attractive carrier. This time, we started the  design attitude that respects history and culture, the memory of this Takao city is re-opened, and citizens and travelers are invited to reminisce about the history of the city, while eating good food from local farmers in Kaohsiung.

▼细部,details © Hey!Cheese

▼多元场域平面,plan of the multi-function space © HAO Design

▼博物馆入口平面,plan of the entrance © HAO Design

设计方:HAO Design
面积:160.6㎡ 48.6坪

Interior Design: HAO Design 
Location: Kaohsiung city, Taiwan 
Area: 160.6㎡ 
Year: 2020
Project Type: Commercial space 
Photography: Hey!Cheese 

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