The Guest House In Gulangyu, China by Atelier FANZHENG

An axisymmetric residential space with the sunken courtyard as the center

Project Specs


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项目背景 | Background


Gulangyu is known as the Museum of Architecture of the World, which still leaves behind many magnificent and exquisite Western-style buildings. In addition, there are many old houses on the island, which have been in disrepair for decades and gradually destroyed. The original site of Gulangyu is a residential building with concrete structure. The building is badly damaged. We hope that after redesign, it will become a residential space for visitors to Shangdao.

▼民宿门厅,the entrance hall of the guest house


设计构思 | Design Concept

Step 1:保留原建筑的柱网空间。
Step 2:以院落为中心,将空间划分为四个客房区域,整体呈现中轴对称的格局。
Step 3:下挖下沉式庭院,让部分公共空间分布于负一层。

Step 1: Retain the space of the original building’s column net.
Step 2: With the courtyard as the center, the space is divided into four guest room areas, showing an overall pattern of axisymmetric.
Step 3: Dig down the sunken courtyard to distribute part of the public space on the negative floor.

▼构思第一步:保留原建筑的柱网空间,Step 1: retaining the space of the original building’s column net

▼构思第二步:以院落为中心,将空间划分为四个客房区域,Step 2: with the courtyard as the center, dividing the space into four guest room areas

▼构思第三步:设置下沉式庭院,Step 3: organizing the sunken courtyard


建筑实景图 | The Real Building


Pushing open an old wooden door and entering the hospital with the sound of running water, we can see that marble porch with Chinese-style ring chair is quiet and restrained. Walking through the hall, the space was bright. On the one hand, the Huizi courtyard centered on Qingsong entered the field of vision, surrounded by guest rooms, meeting rooms, study and tea rooms. Sky light from the courtyard, pouring on the red brick pavement in southern Fujian, residents can feel the natural changes.

▼下沉庭院,是一个以青松为中心的回字形院落,the sunken courtyard is a Huizi courtyard centered on Qingsong

▼会客厅,采用木饰面和双坡屋顶,the reception hall with the wood veneer and the gable roof


Four rooms, small and delicate. Above the white wall can be seen wooden roof truss girders, with hollow carved wooden doors and windows and wooden furniture, showing the elegant beauty of Chinese style. The selection in the space is simple and elegant, from bedding, sofa to fragrance, plants, and details to create a comfortable and comfortable living experience for travelers.

▼民宿客房,白色的墙面之上可见木质屋架梁脊,the guest rooms, the wooden roof truss girders can be seen above the white wall

▼民宿客房,搭配木制家具,the guest rooms with the wooden furniture


Teahouses are designed to satisfy the tea-loving hobbies of people in southern Fujian. The tea room is full of utensils and fragrant tea. Travelers can chat with friends and experience the local tea culture. There is a book in the study. On the wall hangs Xin Qiji’s “Broken Matters”. The windows are clear, and the shadows and lights are projected into the room, permeating the quiet atmosphere of books.

▼茶室,the tea room

▼室外空间细节,采用镂空雕花的木质门窗,exterior details with hollow carved wooden doors and windows

▼客房内部空间细节,details of the interior guest rooms

▼桌椅细节,details of the table and chairs


The meeting room, tea room, study, dining room, entertainment room, and the public space in the dormitory are comparable to those in the guest room. It is hoped that besides living experience, it can also provide a more comprehensive and comfortable life experience for travelers.

▼民宿入口,the entrance of the guest house

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼地下一层平面图,basement floor plan

面积:300 ㎡

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