The Fourth Room by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

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As a starting point, an open block of multi-family housing north of Valencia. From the highest part of the building, the house has privileged views of the city.

▼公寓入口空间及起居室局部,the entrance hall and partial view of the living room


For this reason, the day area is distributed as a single space that takes advantage of the three orientations of the house. And that through the three openings the space changes as the day progresses, with sunlight.

▼入口空间细节,details of the entrance hall

▼从入口空间看室内,viewing the interior apartment from the entrance hall

▼起居室和厨房兼餐厅空间,the living room and the kitchen and dining room

▼起居室,侧向开大窗,the living room with the large window

▼厨房兼餐厅空间,the kitchen and dining room

▼厨房兼餐厅空间局部,开有侧窗,details of the kitchen and dining room with a side window


The house is structured through a space that organizes all the uses of the house, which serves as access, storage, distributor, an extension of the room …. the fourth room, a new space that allows you to live the spaces in a different way.

▼工作空间和主卧,使用不透明玻璃滑动门进行空间分隔,the studio and the master bedroom that are divided by an opaque glass sliding door

▼从主卧看工作空间,viewing the studio from the master bedroom

▼次卧局部,partial view of the bedrooms

▼次卧室内,设有储藏空间,the interior view of the bedroom with the storage space

▼平面图,floor plan

▼纵向剖面图,longitudinal sections

▼横向剖面图,cross sections

PROJECT TEAM: Fran Silvestre | Principal in Charge, Gemma Aparicio | Principal in Charge
PHOTOGRAPHY: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
COLLABORATOR: María Masià | Collaborating Architect, Fran Ayala | Collaborating Architect, Estefanía Soriano | Collaborating Architect, Pablo Camarasa | Collaborating Architect, Sandra Insa | Collaborating Architect, Sevak Asatrián | Collaborating Architect, Ricardo Candela | Collaborating Architect, David Sastre | Collaborating Architect, Vicente Picó | Collaborating Architect, Rubén March | Collaborating Architect, Jose Manuel Arnao | Collaborating Architect, Rosa Juanes | Collaborating Architect, Juan Martinez | Collaborating Architect, Paz Garcia-España | Collaborating Architect, Daniel Uribe | Collaborating Architect, Javier Briones | Collaborating Architect, Ángel Pérez | Collaborating Architect, Sergio Tórtola | Collaborating Architect, Marta Escribano | Collaborating Architect, Phoebe Harrison | Collaborating Architect, Daniel Yacopino | Collaborating Architect, Juan Fernandez | Collaborating Architect, Javi Hinojosa | Collaborating Architect, Ana de Pablo | Financial Manager, Sara Atienza | Marketing and comunication
LOCATION: Valencia
BUILT AREA: 112,29 m2
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Estructuras Singulares. Universitat Politécnica de Valencia
FURNITURE: Interior Furniture Chair of the studi. A chair, Capdell diseño Fran Silvestre o, Sofa. Grassoler
Climate control: Under floor heating
Air conditioning: Mitsubishi
Electrical fitting: Mechanisms Jung serie 990
Lighting: Fluorescent linear luminaire and LED
Paving: Microcement with colored varnish finish. Art Project.
Surfaces: Interiors | Plasterboard panels, Bathroom | Krion (VF Aplicaciones)
Ceiling: Smooth plasterboard panels
Paint: Matt plastic paint
Interior: Internal and cupboard doors | White lacquered MDF RAL (Domus Dovela)
Carp. Exterior: Openspace (Dekovent)
Glazing: Double-glazed tempered glass (Dekovent)
Locksmithing: Laminated tempered glass
BATHROOM: Sanitaryware – Toilet | Serie Inspira Round (Roca), Sanitary Fittings | (Geberit)
Bathroom taps: Max (Tres)
Lighting: Led lighting inserted in mirror
Equipment: Appliances (Siemens)

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