The Flow of Grain: beer museum by Waterfrom Design

Construct the flow, compose the mechanical beauty of the industrial age

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The intrinsic countenance of the grains is impregnated with air and water. The grains, with the help of the changes in pressure and temperature, become mellow in the flow of time to engender a pleasant flavor, shape, and color.

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Conical surfaces, architectural landscapes that share memories


Brewing beer is a book that combines nature with industrial civilization. Grains change from golden to a pint of delicious beer through a process of deformation. This has been the task of the Hubei Snow Brewery for decades. The tower-shaped factory has also become a city landmark in the hearts of local residents. On the original site, the plan is to build a modern beer museum. Waterfrom Design, responsible for the interior design, decided to transform the old brewing machinery into the architectural vocabulary in the hope of providing an experience different from those offered by traditional museums and connecting the new and the old in terms of memories and cultural implication.

▼剖面图,section © 水相设计


▼入口,entrance © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼筒仓,the “silo” © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼仰视,looking up © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼连桥,the bridge © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼筒仓天顶,the skylight above the silos © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

Jettisoning the neat and static linear display, the viewer is micrified to a size as big as a molecule to experience the surrealness by enlarging certain brewing equipment to the size of a building to create a feeling of déjà vu and subvert the traditional way of participation characteristic of just standing in front of the exhibitions. For example, the voyage begins with an intimidating cylindrical façade, which is a simplified and framed form inspired by the beer storage tank. The beer storage tank is rendered by means of exaggeratedly enlarged organic cross-section to emphasize the tininess of human. Like rills traverse through the venue, converge on a massive container and then flow into an open and bright laboratory. The huge wall standing beside the stair landing between the 1st and 2nd floor seems to be an integrated rusty iron plate. It is intentionally placed on both flanks to obstruct the path to produce a dramatically narrowed alley. Alternating pressure and release, the viewer is thus proffered an experience that is beyond the description in the exhibition manual.

▼一层入口,entrance  © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼二层空间,the 2nd floor space © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼贯穿一二层楼梯间的巨幅墙面 © 亮点影像 Highlite Images
The huge wall standing beside the stair landing between the 1st and 2nd floor

▼楼梯,stair © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼楼梯细节,detailed view © 亮点影像 Highlite Images


Floral parts, the rational glamor of machinery


We also disassemble the equipment used in the process of selecting beer raw materials, boiling and evaporating, and tasting to have the exhibition becoming a journey engaging all five senses. For example, the scentometers used to measure various hops originating from each area, the wheat fields depicting the leniency of Mother Nature, and various apparatus and pipelines used for brewing beer will rivet the viewer’s attention at the starting point. The familiar wine storage and fermentation tanks in old buildings, the outline of the chimney, the haziness of steam, the luster of metal and the soft earth color of malt all inspired the material selection process of the museum.

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For the complex brewing procedures, we adopt its concept; for a variety of brewing utensils, we transform its appearance to get it understandable visually as a component. Not only those artworks induce whimsical fantasy, but also do it engrave the formula for producing tasty beer in our mind. Impregnated with experience, knowledge, and science, the instruments are re-edited and bound into a brand-new book, in which the rational glamor of machinery and civilization is highlighted by incorporating a new architectural structure. The glory of the industrial age thus continues, right at the site the old factory once stands, as the stepping-stone to modern lifestyle on this face-lifted street.

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In the center of the circular restaurant is located the beer tasting bar, as if the square lies at the heart of the city. The metal lines and arc light tubes rising spirally to simulate the pipelines in factory shed a warm light on the cork ceiling. The fragrance of fine wines evokes our long-lost memories and leads us into the eons of time. The same rational line structure reflects the color of the wheat field, we utilize the quality of the material to adapt the atmosphere of the space, in which the viewer would be offered an opportunity to ponder and introspect.

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Build a mug to drink up history



The beer museum is the physical equivalent of time, like a container of wine, we tried to wane the wall and give prominence to the uniqueness of the content. Interiorly, the simplified lines are designed to enhance the beauty of the wall with similar hues while creating an aura of integration, peace, and intellectuality. The contrast of light and dark brings about the depth of field, which focuses the viewer’s eyes on the exhibition, create a potpourri of architecture and mechanics, and connect the past with the future.

Considering the architecture is a vessel, a brand-new vessel full of times, experiences, and knowledge of brewery accumulated over the centuries, contemporary aesthetic vocabulary can recharge your batteries.

▼入口空间细节,seating area at the entrance © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼庭院装置,installation in the courtyard © 亮点影像 Highlite Images

▼一层平面图,1F plan © 水相设计

▼二层平面图,2F plan © 水相设计

空间设计:李智翔、葛祝纬、林其纬、林亭妤、陈宥儒 /水相设计有限公司
室内负责:孔超、赵化、陈家磊、祝婷/ 华润置地
摄影:亮点影像 Highlite Images

Designer: Waterfrom Design
Client: China Resources Land Limited
Category: Beer Museum, Reception Center
Location: Wuhan
Area: 143 m2
Layout: brewing ingredients display area, brewing process experience zone, reception area, sales area, bar. office. toilet
Material:beige marble, ivory limestone, hand paint, corten steel, aluminum alloy plate, copper plate, walnut veneer
Design Period:2019.12 ~ 2020.06
Construction Period:2020.07 ~ 2020.11
Photographer:Highlite Images
Copyright: Waterfrom Design

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