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The Edge, a 10 storey office building, built on a single 15m wide lot, features one of Canada’s largest solar walls. Its 560 photovoltaic panels provide 80% of the building’s electrical requirements. The building is connected to the city’s power grid, returning excess power on sunny days. The design incorporates both insulated triple-glazed and quadruple-glazed systems. The open floor plates are naturally lit by comfortable north daylight. The north windows require no blinds and the building requires little artificial light during the summer months. The ends of the building feature large thermally-separated balconies and solar screens to control sunlight.

▼西南侧外观,external view to the southwest © Younes Bounhar

▼建筑尽端的大型隔热阳台 © Younes Bounhar
large thermally-separated balconies at the end of the building

太阳能墙面提供了可持续的效益,是应用在缝隙空间中的典范。南侧相邻建筑物是Dub Architects事务所于近期改造的仓库,预计50年内不会再进行开发。而太阳能墙的投资回收期仅为5至8年,因此它高度适用于同该项目情况类似的地点,并且每年将减少26吨二氧化碳进入大气层。

The solar wall provides sustainable benefit and is a prototype for similar infill conditions. Here, the adjacent building to the south is a recently repurposed warehouse (also by Dub Architects) with no anticipated redevelopment for 50 years. However, the solar wall has a payback period of only 5-8 years, making the prototype highly feasible in comparable locations. The solar wall will save 26 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually.

▼太阳能墙面紧邻南侧仓库 © Younes Bounhar
the solar wall is adjacent to the south warehouse

▼太阳能墙面,the solar wall © Younes Bounhar

▼近景,closer view © Younes Bounhar


The development contains private educational facilities throughout seven floors, and private office space on the top two levels. The ground floor engages the street with changing pop-up uses in the open lobby. Eighteen underground parking spaces are accessed through the condominium apartment parkade next door, eliminating the need for a disruptive ramp at ground level.

▼一层开放大厅,the open lobby on the ground floor © Younes Bounhar

▼中间层的教学机构,educational facilities in the middle floor © Younes Bounhar

▼顶部两层,the top two levels © Younes Bounhar

▼私人办公空间,private office space © Younes Bounhar


The flexible interior floor plate accommodates open planning or up to 10 enclosed offices along the north wall. Minimalist interiors kept construction costs very low. Heat pumps and lighting serviced from the dropped ceiling along the core allow for an unobstructed exposed concrete ceiling, convenient for demising. Air ducts are supplied along the beams and electrical floor outlets are served by ducts within the poured concrete floor.

▼夜景,night view © Younes Bounhar

▼总平面图与楼层平面图,site plan and floor plans © Dub Architects

▼立面图与剖面图,elevations and sections © Dub Architects

Project Name: The Edge
Office Name: Dub Architects
Office Website:
Contact email:
Firm Location: Edmonton, Canada
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 5,250m2/56,500ft2
Project location: Edmonton, Canada
Program: Commercial Mid-Rise
Lead Architects: Gene Dub
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo Credits: Doublespace Photography (Younes Bounhar)
Photographer’s Website:
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