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Located in the most densely populated area of ​​Beijing, a new type of gathering destination, combining fashion culture and modern lifestyles, translating the idea of ​​The Crib to this city. On the other hand, Elsewhere are rapidly updating and expanding every area of ​​the city that has the potential for inspiration. How to make a connection with both team’s demand ,It’s the mission of the project.It is a prerequisite for this project to increase the use of activity in a rigid, closed, reserved dining space as while as get the atmosphere of the semi-formal meeting.

▼“云·台”概览,overview of the cloud table


构成空间的唯一工具—— 给人特别气氛的桌子“云台”
A Tool forming the space——The Cloud Table


Meals, meetings, are different kinds of activities for people. Both the needs and the atmosphere they require are different, and the only thing that may be common is the furniture they are used, all requiring a table, whether it is a tableware, a dish or a notebook, a teacup, so the table is the starting point for this project – to create a Table for two needs, while adding a special atmosphere. Cloud has a myriad of effects, fascinating. Colleagues can give a sense of cool people quiet. The concept of choosing a cloud of fog hopes to establish a relationship between people’s body and body, such as the arm, through the fog of nature, and it might be interesting to establish the dimension of connection between people and space.

▼“云·台”的设计旨在营造沉静的气氛,并建立人和空间以外的维度联系,the design aims to produce a quiet atmosphere and establish a relationship beyond the people and the space.


Black——Weakened the attributes of the space


In order for two different needs of people have the same experience for their own activities, can’t be biased on either side of the property. Here and take care of it, we try to give up everything, ignore all the space attributes. Let different people, or people of different purposes, focus their attention as much as possible on the table, communicate with each other, and fill the rest with their imagination. The outside yard is just full of light. In contrast with the black space, people sitting indoors neglect the physical environment in which they are located, and focus on each other, the mist and the exchange, believing that both the banquet and the conference It is the right amount.

▼黑色背景弱化了空间的属性,使人将注意力集中到雾气、对方及交流上,the black background weakens the attributes of the space and makes people concentrate on  fog,  ople and conversation.

▼配合雾气效果选定的室内家居和餐具,the selected furniture and tableware are for matching up with the fog effect.


The Window&door


If the 14-meter bar table is functionally related to indoor and outdoor, then the window and door is the boundary of emotional changes. Whether this window is closed or open, the space and the yard are a spatial connection. When closed, you can feel the infinite extension of the desktop, outside the scenery and light seems to be decorated with decorative painting appear in the interior space.

▼“云·台”与建筑相互配合,营造出幽深、神秘的效果,the Cloud Table and the building work together to create a deep, mysterious effect.

▼“云·台” 将室内外空间联系起来,the Cloud Table links the exterior and interior space


▼场地改造前,before transformation





项目开发:Elsewhere,育膳房(The crib)

项目营运:育膳房(The crib)


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