SIRI House by IDIN Architects

Puzzle game for residence.

Project Specs


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SIRI is a renovation project of commercial building. It is used as a house and a third sister’s jewelry office. In order to serve the big family with 4 members, brothers and sisters, and the future family members, a large utility space is necessary. The site is two identical commercial buildings with narrowing inside. The design must utilize the space to give every family member a compact private area comprising of rest area, pantry, bedrooms as well as a living room with light well.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building


The design was thought as a tile-matching puzzle game, Tetris. Each puzzle symbolizing each unit constructed up to be living spaces with a center void space. The space plays an important role as an empty space which not only let the light come into every living level but also allow visual interaction between users. The family members can see each other’s movement all day through the central core.

▼通透的中庭,不同生活单元之间形成视觉联系。Transparent center void creates visual connections between different living units.

▼树木带来自然的感觉,tree providing a sense of nature.


To achieve this, all units are double-leveled. Each unit is differently and separately accessed by the elevator which is set at the back of the building. The top level is the main living room and dining room for the family. In the middle situate the residential units while the jewelry office is at the ground floor. Also, a big tree is added in the house to provide a feeling of nature. The exterior was designed reflectively to the area of units inside, as well as the connection of units to each other and to the top level.

▼一楼珠宝工作室,以黑白为主色,简洁现代。Jewelry office on the ground floor in black and white tone, creating a simple and modern atmosphere.

▼位于不同楼层的生活单元,每个单元包括起居室,卧室,餐厅和休息区。Living units on different levels comprised of living space, bedroom, pantry and rest area.


▼顶层共用起居空间和餐厅,main living and diving space on the top floor

▼屋顶露台,享受城市景观,roof terrace with view to the city

▼夜景,建筑立面体现不同生活单元. Night view, the facade reflects the inside residential units and the connections in between.

Project: Siri House
Location: Suriyawong, Bangkok, Thailand
Project Completion: 2015
Area: 800 sq. m
Client: Suree Sirivatjanangkun
Architect in Charge: Jeravej Hongsakul, Wichan Kongnok, Thawin Harnboonseth
Interior Architect: Jureerat Korvanichakul, Sarin Rangsikanbhum
Structural Engineer: Pakanut Siriprasopsothorn
Photo credits: Spaceshift Studio

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