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由Snøhetta事务所设计的装置“最好的武器”(the Best Weapon)目前在纽约联合国总部广场上展示,它象征着和平对话与外交。受诺贝尔和平中心(Nobel Peace Center)委托,该装置的名字源于纳尔逊·曼德拉的名言:“最好的武器是坐下来交流”(The Best Weapon is to sit down and talk)。

Snøhetta has designed an installation which is currently showcased the UN Headquarters Plaza in New York City as a symbol of diplomacy and dialogue. Commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center, the piece is titled “The Best Weapon” after Nelson Mandela’s historic quote “The best weapon is to sit down and talk”. The installation pays tribute to past Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their efforts to bring people together to find effective solutions for peace.

▼装置位于联合国总部广场的主要入口处,he main entry to the UN Headquarters Plaza

▼整个装置全长6.5米,the six-and-a-half meter-long installation

该装置被设计成一个最低点与地面相交的弧形长凳,其柔和的曲线将坐在上面的人的距离拉近以鼓励对话。“最好的武器”传达了和平与解决冲突的信息,既是鼓励对话和社会亲密关系的实用工具,又是巩固和平中心促进对话的使命的坚韧象征。“和平的先决条件是使人们团结在一起。我们坚持将设计作为一种工具来创造经典的符号,以促进富有成效的和平交流。”Snøhetta创始人Kjetil Trædal Thorsen说道。

▼弧形长凳的最低点与地面相交,a partial circle that meets the ground at its lowest point

▼印有曼德拉名言的装置底座,the pedestal with mandela’s famous words “The best weapon is to sit down and talk”

Designed as a partial circle that meets the ground at its lowest point, the gentle arc of the bench pulls those sitting on it closer together, subsequently and subtly encouraging dialogue. The Best Weapon delivers a message of peace and conflict resolution, both as a functional piece that encourages conversation and social intimacy, and as a resilient symbol that anchors the Peace Center’s mission for discourse and peace. “The foremost precondition for peace is bringing people together. We believe in using design as a tool to create lasting symbols that foster fruitful communication,” says Snøhetta founder Kjetil Trædal Thorsen.

▼装置柔和的弧线将坐在上面的人的距离拉近,the gentle arc of the bench pulls those sitting on it closer together

装置位于联合国总部广场的主要入口处,毗邻著名的非暴力雕塑——一把用青铜铸造的超大柯尔特左轮手枪,打结的枪管和枪口朝上。这座雕塑俗称“打结的枪”,由瑞典艺术家Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd于1993年创作,是对创作歌手兼和平主义者约翰·列侬被谋杀的回应。从那时起,打结的枪就成为了全球非暴力的象征。坐落在这样一个非同寻常的位置,“最好的武器”与“打结的枪”共同肩负着关于和平与对话的多重价值与使命。

The installation is situated at the main entry to the UN Headquarters Plaza, next to the famous Non-Violence sculpture – a oversized Colt revolver cast in bronze, with a knotted barrel and the muzzle pointing upwards. The sculpture, popularly known as “the knotted gun” was created in 1993 by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd as a response to the murder of singer-songwriter and peace activist John Lennon. Since then, the knotted gun has become a global symbol of non-violence. Sited in such a prominent location both symbolically and physically, The Best Weapon takes on multiple valences through this dialogue with its neighbor.

▼“最好的武器”与“打结的枪”毗邻而建, “The Knotted Gun” and the “The Best Weapon”


The six-and-a-half meter-long installation is made from anodized aluminum from Hydro. The aluminum is the world’s greenest with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions than the industry average. In addition to creating a beautiful surface, the anodized finish of the bench has high corrosion resistance and protection against scratching. The installation is produced by Vestre in a completely carbon-neutral process. Bead-blasted and pre-distressed, the sturdy material will ensure the bench’s longevity.

▼装置细部,details of the installation

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