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The separation and connection in the residence on a green field

Project Specs


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The family residence stands literally on a green field, near a clump of trees, in a pleasant countryside of central Bohemia. The house accommodates three generations of one family. A grandfather, a grandmother, a father, a mother and their two boys – there’s enough space for all of them to spend a summer and a lot of weekends together.

▼住宅外观远景,distant exterior view of the house


▼住宅外观近景,住宅南侧的室外露台结合角部的一根高柱设置,close exterior view of the house, the building is connected to a south terrace with a high pillar in its corner

▼住宅外观近景,角部的高柱固定着凉棚,并与花园喷淋系统和小型风力发电机相结合,close exterior view of the house, the column at the corner supports a pergola, combining with a garden shower and a small wind turbine rotating on the tip

▼住宅外观近景,设有一个可作为工作车间的小棚屋和一个设有屋顶的停车场空间,close exterior view of the house with a shed with a workshop and a roofed parking spot

The building is connected to a south terrace with a high pillar in its corner. The pillar supports a vegetation-covered pergola, there is also a garden shower and a small wind turbine rotating on its tip. The whole house is surrounded by a large garden with trees, fruits, vegetables and herbs, ready to be used in the kitchen. All residential parts of the house are supplemented with an entrance area with facilities, a shed with a workshop and a roofed parking spot.

▼住宅入口立面,the main entrance facade of the house


▼住宅爆炸轴测图,the axon of the house

The house consists of several smaller, connected volumes, each of which serves a different purpose. The whole family meets in the central part of the house – there is a living room with a fireplace, a dining room and a kitchen. This area is the true heart of the house, with large sliding windows opening to a garden.

▼位于住宅中央体量中的开放式厨房和餐厅,the open dining room and the kitchen at the central part of the house

▼位于住宅中央的起居室,家庭成员在此聚集,the living room at the central part of the house where the whole family meets together

▼位于住宅中央的带有壁炉的起居室,通过大型的玻璃推拉门与室外露台和花园相连,the living room with a fireplace with large sliding windows opening to a garden, located at the central part of the house


Each generation has its own privacy. The grandparents use their own ‘house’ with a living area, a bedroom and sanitary facilities. The parents have a spacious bedroom, a bathroom and study, which serves as a guest room when needed. The boys have their kingdom in a room on the second floor, from which they have an excellent view of the surroundings.

▼爷爷奶奶的生活起居空间,通过木制隔板与卧室空间分隔,the living area of the grandparents that is separated from the bedroom through a wooden clapboard

▼爷爷奶奶的卧室,the grandparents’ bedroom

▼父母的卧室,the parents’ bedroom

▼位于二层的儿童房,从这里可以欣赏到住宅周围的绝佳景观,the kids’ room on the second floor, from which they have an excellent view of the surroundings

▼入口玄关空间,the entrance space with facilities

▼通向二层的木制楼梯(左),卫生间细节(右),the wooden stairs leading up to the second floor (left), bathroom details (right)


It’s summer, the sun is shining, everything is peaceful and quiet…

▼住宅夜景,night view of the house

▼总平面图,site plan

▼平面图,floor plans



Project name: Summer house
Studio: DDAANN
Author: Daniel Rohan | architect, Daniel Baudis | architect
Project location: Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
Project year: 2015
Completion year: 2019
Built-up area: 235 m2
Gross floor area: 176 m2
Usable floor area: 153 m2
Site size: 1200 m2
Photo credits: BoysPlayNice
Collaborators: Klára Koldová | junior architect, Lucia Horkavá | junior architect

corrugated metal sheet | roofing
corrugated polycarbonate | roofing, facade
concrete bricks | walls
thin-layer plaster | facade
stainless steel Carl Stahl | terrace roofing
plywood | built-in furniture

Products and brands:
windows | Jánošík okna-dveře | facade
doors | Bdoors | facade, interior
door handles | M&T – Minimal TIN-K | exterior, interior
wooden floors | – Floor Forever | exterior, interior
tiles | Archtiles – Casalgrande Padana – Marte Thassos | interior
chairs | Billiani – Doll | interior
lifting fixtures | Nordlux | interior

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