Køge Nord Station by COBE and DISSING+WEITLING architecture

A long spectacular steel snake traffic station

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Køge北站由丹麦王储Frederik于2019年5月31日的开幕活动上宣布正式启用。该站是由COBE建筑事务所和DISSING + WEITLING建筑事务所共同设计打造。此次活动标志着通往哥本哈根新门户的开启,为往返于首都的每一个旅客提供了更高效、可持续的交通出行方式。


Køge Nord Station was officially opened by Crown Prince Frederik at an event on May 31, 2019. Køge Nord Station was designed by an architectural team consisting of COBE and DISSING+WEITLING architecture. The event marked the opening of the new gateway to Copenhagen, which provides access to more efficient and sustainable transport for everyone going to and from the nation’s capital.

▼车站标志着进出哥本哈哥的新门户的开启,the station marked the opening of the new gateway to Copenhagen

不仅如此,该项目还为Køge及其周边地区增加了一座国际性的地标建筑物:长225米的人行天桥连接了通往哥本哈根市和灵斯泰兹市的新双轨高铁与横跨于Køge Bugt高速公路上方的现有市郊通勤线路S干线。

And that is not all: For Køge and the rest of the region the new project adds a landmark of international dimensions: the 225-meter-long footbridge that connects the new double-track high-speed rail line between Copenhagen and the city of Ringsted with the existing commuter urban-suburban S-train line above the Køge Bugt Highway.

▼长225米的天桥横跨高速公路上方,the 225-meter-long footbridge across above the Køge Bugt Highway

COBE的建筑师兼合伙人Dan Stubbergaard说:“造型别致的未来派风格外观十分适宜于目前正在发生巨变的区域,并且天桥将有利于促进未来几年内Køge地区的发展和繁荣。基于当下的城市开发,我们共同为Køge市设计了一座丰碑式的建筑。创新驱动、开拓精神和卓识远见,全都体现在车站天桥和相关设施中。这座桥业已成为该区时下的热门建筑景点之一,如同一条长而粗壮的钢蛇蜿蜒在铁路干线上方,为使用者展现出一幅全面且壮观的文化景观。此外,Køge北站也是Køge市及其周边地区未来规划上的一块重要支柱和催化剂,这对吸引合格的劳动力,创造最佳、绿色和可持续的交通出行具有高度优先性。我们相信并希望Køge北站将对未来的愿景有所助力,并作出贡献。”

▼如同一条长而壮观的钢蛇蜿蜒在铁路干线之上,a long spectacular steel snake sinuously extending above the railway lines

The striking futuristic design is apt for an area that is currently undergoing tremendous transformation, and the bridge is going to act as a catalyst for growth and development in the Køge area in coming years, says Dan Stubbergaard, architect and the founder of COBE:  “Together, we have designed a landmark for the development that the city of Køge is currently undergoing. A development driven by innovation, pioneering spirit and a bold outlook that is embodied by the station bridge and the related facilities. The bridge is also a new architectural attraction for the area; a long spectacular steel snake sinuously extending above the railway lines and offering the users a magnificent panoramic view of the cultural landscape. Moreover, Køge Nord Station is an important pillar and catalyst in the larger vision plan for Køge and the larger region, which places a high priority on attracting qualified labor and creating optimal, green and sustainable transport options in the area. It is our hope, and our firm conviction, that Køge Nord Station will contribute to this future vision.”

▼未来派风格造型,a striking futuristic design

▼车站下方的停车空间,parking area


The station architecture and technical design promote ’the good travel experience’, where the flow inside the covered bridge is designed to offer both an open view to the north and smaller apertures in the interior wood panels toward the south. That offers views of the outside and an intimate feel as well as a good flow and zones for pausing:

▼朝北开放全景大窗,an open view to the north

▼一面朝南收缩,通过室内木板的拼接形成一道道缝隙,smaller apertures in the interior wood panels toward the south

▼休息区,zones for pausing

“人们通常花费很多时间在通勤中。因此,我们试图赋予人行天桥以超越纯粹的功能性和实用性的品质:天桥内部由木板条覆盖,为交通空间和候车空间营造温暖舒适的体验氛围。这是一个温馨而开放的环境,不同于人们经常看到的车站或者交通枢纽设施。室内空间与光滑、冷静的铝制外墙形成鲜明对比,同时与该地块的基础设施完全融合。Banedanmark采取了大胆而富有远见的策略,无论在竞赛之初还是选择获胜方案之后,皆是如此。如今,我们可以使用和享受在该地区打上烙印并展示丹麦建筑师和工程师实力的灯塔式的建筑物。这座天桥具有‘明信片式的魅力’,但最重要的是该项目将深入到如此多人的日常生活。”DISSING + WEITLING建筑事务所的建筑师兼合伙人Jesper B. Henriksen谈到。

▼天桥内部由木板条覆盖,the interior space is covered with wooden slats

▼从室内看室外,view from indoor to outdoor

“People spend many hours of their life in transit. That’s why we sought to give the footbridge a quality that goes beyond the purely functional and practical: The interior space is covered with wooden slats that provide a warm, tactile experience in transit and waiting situations. It is, quite simply, a welcoming and inviting space, unlike what you often see in stations and transport facilities. The interior space is contrasted by the smooth, cool aluminum exterior that enters into a dialogue with the infrastructural expression of the place. Banedanmark took a bold and visionary approach, both when they announced the competition and when they picked the winning proposal. As a result, we can now enjoy an architectural beacon capable of branding the region and demonstrating the capability of Danish architects and engineers. The bridge has ”postcard potential”, but the main point is the effect and the influence the project will have on so many people’s everyday life”, says Jesper B. Henriksen, architect and partner at DISSING+WEITLING architecture.

▼夜景,night view

Client: Banedanmark, Køge Municipality and DSB (Danish State Railways)
Architects: COBE and DISSING+WEITLING architecture
Consulting engineer: COWI
Contractor: Bladt Industries

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