Into the Hedge by SO-IL Architects

Running on the hammock, wandering in the hedgerow

Project Specs

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建筑事务所SO – IL曾负责米勒花园住宅(Miller House and Garden)的保护工作,并将其变成了美国印第安纳州哥伦布市的临时地标,同时也通过这个项目获得了第二届哥伦布展(Exhibit Columbus)J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize奖。在米勒花园住宅的保护项目中,侧柏树篱可谓是景观和建筑的一个现代标志。由萨里宁(Saarinen)设计的米勒住宅的玻璃外围墙消除了室内外空间之间的边界,而郁郁葱葱的树篱则界定了街道与住宅私人空间之间的硬质边界。


As one of the J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize recipients of the second edition of Exhibit Columbus, SO – IL took on the preservation effort at the Miller House and Garden and turned it into a temporary landmark for play in the city of Columbus, Indiana. The Arbor Vitae hedgerow at the Miller Garden is a modern icon of landscape and architecture. While the glass walls of Saarinen’s Miller House disappear – erasing the boundary between inside and outside – the densely planted hedgerow on the perimeter defines a hard edge to the site between the streets and the private grounds of the Miller residence.

The 70 year-old Arbor Vitae trees are due to be replaced. It was an opportunity for a project to create a different and more engaging relationship with this modern icon.

▼装置鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the installation © Hadley Fruit and Exhibit Columbus

建筑事务所SO – IL与Miller House and Garden合作,购买了130棵活侧柏,将它们放置在Bartholomew县法院(Bartholomew County Courthouse)前的草坪上,结合着彩色绳带,打造出一个大型的吊床结构。展览结束后,这些侧柏将被永久地留在草坪上,从而将本装置项目的原始建筑灵感与哥伦布市的Bartholomew县——印第安达州七个国家历史地标之一——的管理工作直接联系在一起。

In partnership with the Miller House and Garden, SO – IL procured 130 living Arbor Vitae trees and placed them in a large hammock structure on the lawn of the Bartholomew County Courthouse. After the exhibition the trees can be permanently planted in the garden, making a direct link between the installation’s original architectural inspiration and a contribution to the stewardship of one of Columbus, Indiana’s seven National Historic Landmarks.

▼装置俯视图,侧柏结合着彩色绳带,打造出一个大型的吊床结构,top view of the installation, the Arbor Vitae trees combine with nylon webbing, creating a large hammock structure © Hadley Fruit and Exhibit Columbus

▼装置俯视图近景,close top view of the installation © Hadley Fruit and Exhibit Columbus

超大的吊床结构由尼龙带手工编织而成,其颜色的灵感来源于Alexander Girard专门为米勒住宅所设计的餐椅。通过与印第安纳波利斯市民进步组织(Indianapolis’ People for Urban Progress)合作,展览结束后,这些尼龙绳将作为原材料被制成一系列手提包、手提袋、甚至是沙滩包等。装置的其他构件均采用简单现成的农业和建筑材料,当展览结束后这些材料也都可以被回收再利用:构成种植池和中央步道的石笼、表面覆盖物、石灰石和木桩都会被回收,在当地的基础设施项目中进行二次利用。

▼装置的吊床结构表面,the surface of the hammock of the installation © Spirit of Space, courtesy of Exhibit Columbus

The over-sized hammock is made by hand with nylon webbing – its color taken from the color palette Alexander Girard developed for the dining chairs at the Miller House. Through a partnership with Indianapolis’ People for Urban Progress, the net will go on to become a series of handbags and totes or even beach bags. For the other components of the installation simple off-the-shelf agricultural and construction materials were used to ensure that everything could have a life afterward. The gabions, mulch, limestone and stakes that comprise the planters and central pathway will all be recycled into local infrastructure projects.

▼装置局部,人们可以在大型吊床结构上休息和嬉闹,partial view of the installation, people can sit and run on the over-sized hammock © Hadley Fruit and Exhibit Columbus

▼装置局部,partial view of the installation © Hadley Fruit and Exhibit Columbus


▼夜晚时装置的灯光效果,the light effect of the installation at night © Spirit of Space, courtesy of Exhibit Columbus

Committed to taking a critical approach to preservation and material use, “Into the Hedge,” temporarily re-organizes the elements of local construction and landscape as well as recognizable modern architecture into a memorable experience and a new landmark.

▼装置夜景,night view of the installation © Hadley Fruit and Exhibit Columbus

▼装置模型,physical model of the installation © SO – IL

▼装置平面图,installation plan © SO – IL

Location: Columbus, Indiana, USA
Client: Exhibit Columbus
Program: Site-specific, temporary installation
Area: approx. 4,500 sf
Team: J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize + SO – IL

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