The Balance of New Life by Kosaku Matsumoto + Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa

To review our casual behaviour in daily life and the surrounding space

Project Specs


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This is the collaboration project of architect Kosaku Matsumoto and artist Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa. We attempt to review our casual behaviour in daily life and the surrounding space between our body and objects through the works.

▼项目概览,project overview



In our everyday lives, most body movements are subconscious. For example, when you wear the traditional Japanese garb, ‘kimono’, ordinary movements like “walking” turns to an extra-ordinary action; you will be forced to walk with short-steps and be suddenly self-aware of “how to walk” due to its form. In this instance, we think about “how to walk” again and become more conscious of our movements, behaviour and surroundings.

We made three works, a shoe rack, a cup hanger and a plate rack, (as a behaviour of propping shoes, a behaviour of hanging and a behaviour of paused moment). Stainless steel sheet was bent with the least bending required for structural strength, and the highly polished mirror finish changes its appearances delicately according to placement.

▼房间中摆放着鞋架、杯架和餐具架3件作品,three works, a shoe rack, a cup hanger and a plate rack are placed in the room


Each work displays a precariously balanced object. The instability forces the user to first carefully observe how balance and equilibrium would manifest before placing an item, quite different from what we would expect from simply placing something on a normal shelf. The shape of shoes, size of cup handles, texture of plates and unevenness of walls and floors… overlooked details and nuances suddenly come to attention.

▼鞋架代表着“支撑”,shoe rack – the behaviour of propping

▼杯架代表着“悬挂”,cup hanger – the behaviour of hanging

▼餐具架代表着“暂时静止”,plate rack – the behaviour of paused moment


If these works will function to enlarge resolution of our everyday lives, it might bring us new comfort and new balance of life to our current pragmatical life which consists of a continuous sequence of behaviour.

▼为生活赋予全新的平衡感觉,new comfort and new balance of life

Works: Kosaku Matsumoto, Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa
Photographs:  Nobutada OMOTE

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