The Acute House by OOF! architecture

A pointy new wedge of house that is designed to exploit its problems.

Project Specs

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在Acute House项目中,建筑师成功地克服了足以难倒许多建筑师的苛刻条件,将一座位于街角狭小三角型基地中的遗产建筑转化为了有着与场地呼应的尖锐边角,同时满足21世纪需求的紧凑型住宅。

Acute House is the transformation of a ‘renovator’s nightmare’ into a compact 21st century family home. The severe limitations of a tiny, very triangular site and the demanding heritage context have resulted in a pointy new wedge of house that is designed to exploit its problems.

▼ 楔形街角住宅,a new wedge house

001-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

004-Acute House by OOF! architecture   005-Acute House by OOF! architecture



The original, and extremely decrepit, Victorian weatherboard cottage had become impossible to inhabit but was well loved by the neighbourhood as well as its new owners.

We tried to retain its weathered character by re-using as much original fabric as possible from warped weatherboards and fence palings to random accumulations such as door knobs, vents and street numbers. Like fragile museum artefacts, these were carefully removed, labelled, stored and re-installed in their original location on a new mount that not only highlights their charms by contrast but allows the house to live again in a new way.

▼ 尖锐的边角,the pointy edge

004-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo


古今相融 Heritage-ous-ness + Context


The resulting new wedge of house is designed as an unusual but highly responsive approach to the character of the surrounding neighbourhood, and to the challenges and opportunities for responsive architecture presented by the site and its immediate context. It takes on the challenge of preserving an important but almost unsalvageable local landmark by working within the general typology of the surrounding neighbourhood, “rhyming” with its housing stock while remaining resolutely contemporary in its expression and articulation.

▼ 古老建筑与新建筑的融合,a highly responsive approach to the original house

006-Acute House by OOF! architecture

007-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo   006-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

010-Acute House by OOF! architecture


紧凑布局 Tight

建筑的形态体量尽可能地利用了这块不寻常场地的空间优势, 创造出一个有别于传统住宅建筑的空间格局以及生活方式。家庭生活所需的基本空间单元被放置于场地较为开阔一侧的不同高度之上,竖向的楼梯空间串联起高低错落的功能分区,无需任何隔墙、走廊或门便可保证各个空间独立与私密性,最大化了空间的利用效率。交通空间在各层中皆形成了环路,让细长的空间无论是在视觉上还是空间感受上都不显狭小和拥挤。

To take advantage of the opportunities of such an unusual site, the geometry required an adjustment to the layout and lifestyle expectations of a conventional family house. Multiple levels were required to accommodate the basic space needs of a family home and these were accommodated where site geometry best suited them. These spaces are distributed over split levels with the vertical space of the stairwell providing visual privacy and a sense of definition without wasting precious space on internal walls, corridors or doors. Continuous circulation is provided through each floor with no dead-ends, allowing spaces to be kept lean yet feeling spacious and unclogged – visually or physically.

▼ 明亮的二层公共空间,the first floor living room and kitchen

015-Acute House by OOF! architecture

010-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo   014-Acute House by OOF! architecture

▼ 三层卧室,bedroom at the second floor

021-Acute House by OOF! architecture

012-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

▼ 位于床后侧的卫生间和浴室,the toilet and open shower located at the end of the bedroom

015-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo   014-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

023-Acute House by OOF! architecture


虚拟庭院 Virtual Gardening


While site area limitations and geometry allowed the council to permit building over 100% of the site this advantage came with the counterbalancing disadvantage of 0% outdoor space. As a result, the house interiors had to accommodate the needs of a family as well as providing them with the enjoyments of the great outdoors. This total lack of garden is offset by the artificial internal landscape of the stairwell with lawn green carpets, hanging plants, a central aquarium of aquatic plants and fish and a sunny outlook to every room. Full height sliding doors and screens open up the main living level as a virtual verandah and the pointy, but surprisingly generous, balcony provides the ambience of a yacht in the street.

▼楼梯处的草绿色地毯营造出室外空间的氛围, lawn green carpets at the  stairwell

029-Acute House by OOF! architecture

011-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo   027-Acute House by OOF! architecture

▼ 如同站立在游艇船头般俯瞰着脚下的街道,balcony provides the ambience of a yacht in the street

034-Acute House by OOF! architecture   009-Acute House by OOF! architecture

▼ 平面,plan

018-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

019-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo   020-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

▼ 剖面,section

021-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo

022-Acute House by Fooi-Ling Khoo


Architect: Fooi-Ling Khoo
Planning + Heritage: David Brand
Interior Design: OOF in collaboration with JPILD
Engineer: Mark Hodkinson Consulting Structural Engineers
Building Surveyor: Anthony Middling & Associates

Builder: Mitty & Price | Michael Briese (Builder/Director) Christian Klueter (Foreman)
External Cladding: Advanced Metal Cladding
Windows and Doors: Pickering Joinery
Joiner: TT Cabinets + Design
Steelwork: Redon Forge
Plumber: Innerline Plumbing
Electrician: Warner Electrical
Heating + AC: Marshall’s Heating & Air conditioning Pty Ltd
Concrete Polishing: Lumic

Photographs: Nic Granleese

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