Terrazza Triennale, Milan, Italy / OBR

Rewrote the skyline of the Castle.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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OBR设计的Terrazza 餐厅在意大利米兰一座屋顶上盛大开业。餐厅就像温室一样拥有透明的屋顶和墙面。这座由厨师 Stefano Cerveni经营的餐厅仿佛神话般的存在,改写了斯佛尔札城堡的天际线。

After restoring the panoramic terrace above the main hall to the form of Giovanni Muzio’s original design, the Triennale di Milano is offering visitors a new dimension of quality dining provided by chef Stefano Cerveni.

The exhibitions by Milan Triennale have always been a synthesis of design and architectural experimentation; on such occasions Parco Sempione was turned into a theatrical stage for the new myths of urban living and the Palazzo dell’Arte became a marvellous device of cultural promotion.

The project reinterprets the tradition of the Triennale conceiving the restaurant on the rooftop as a transparent glass pavilion, suspended above Parco Sempione and the skyline of Milano and Castello Sforzesco.







Climbing up to the terrace of the Palazzo dell’Arte, visitors are greeted by a garden of aromatic herbs, behind which rises the glazed pavilion of the restaurant, set back from the portals in the historic façade. The pavilion, which can be opened completely all the way around its perimeter, is characterized by a light modular structure of stainless steel that allows easy and rapid assembly, combining industrial technologies with craft skills. The design of the structure itself echoes the geometry of the spans of Muzio’s historic building.

A large mobile curtain of 400 square meters floats above the glass roof. Opening completely to one side, it allows the pavilion to function as a bioclimatic self-thermo-regulating greenhouse that can be used in different ways in the day/night-time and permits guests to dine in the shade at lunchtime or under the stars in the evening.









OBR design team:
Paolo Brescia
Tommaso Principi
Andrea Casetto
Edoardo Allievi
Sidney Bollag
Francesco Cascella
Maria Lezhnina
Caterina Malavolti
Monica Nastasi
Elisa Siffredi

Project team:
Antonio Perazzi Paesaggio
Artiva Design
Buro Happold
Milan Ingegneria
Maddalena D’Alfonso
Francesco Nastasi
Rossi Bianchi lighting design

Design manager: OBR Andrea Casetto

General contractor:
Capoferri Spa

Client:Triennale di Milano

Location:Palazzo dell’Arte, Milano

September 2014: Competition
November 2014: Detailed Design
January 2015: Construction
March 2015: Completion
April 2015: Opening

Photography: Michele Nastasi

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