The Waves In The Breeze and Hampi / Soojin Kang

The natural flavor in the weave

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出生于韩国,现居伦敦的艺术家Soojin Kang采用古老的编织技术将丝,棉,麻,木等纯天然材料以意想不到的方式编织出大海气息浓郁却不见大海诗意之作:“微风之浪The Waves in the Breeze”,为人们提供了一个不同以往的想象自然和体验自然之道。毯子挂在墙上,刚柔并济,创新却又质朴。此外她还使用野蚕丝和电线制作出同样满满自然气息的Hampi。

Soojin Kang uses centuries-old hand-weaving, knotting and netting techniques to explore themes of memory and sustainability. Using tools normally alien to weaving, The Waves In The Breeze challenges traditional textile techniques. Repurposing the natural raw material as a framework for the warp provides a new weave; creating unique patterns and forms. The sculptural materials will be apparently consumed by the weave in their construction, as a way of commenting on the relationship between reality, representation and illusion. Objects are eaten, dominated and captured by the weaving, providing an opportunity to experience nature differently, in a textile form. Her work, entitled The Waves in the Breeze, sees found object incorporated into and consumed by textile. The work literally spills off of the wall and onto the objects using their forms as wrap and weft, creating a fascinating interplay between hard and soft, old and new.



The Waves in the Breeze 2015
Silk, cotton, jute and wood
290cmL x 170cmH x 4cmW







Hampi 2015
Wild silk and wire
Installation view at Collect15, Saatchi gallery





About Soojin Kang:

Korean born Soojin Kang lives and works in London. She has been working on her full time art practice since 2009 when she completed her MA in Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design, London. Her practice has been evolving from her early interests in fashion and textile design through a diverse range of media, including soft sculpture, video and installation. Her group exhibitions include and Talking Textiles curated by Lidewij Edelkoort, Milan, Italy and  COLLECT, The International Art Fair for Contemporary Object at Saatchi gallery.  Her objective is to infuse the sense and idea of emotional sustainability through craftsmanship.

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