Tee House, Tama, Sydney, Australia by Luigi Rosselli

A house that makes a T-shape structural element as its facade

Project Specs


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Tama是 Tamarama的简称,这里是一个以享乐主义冲浪文化著称的悉尼海滩郊区。这片区域逐渐被乡绅化,大多数居民都有着良好的经济条件。他们在这里休闲娱乐,一边夹着冲浪板赤脚跑向大海,一边交换着证券市场交易的小道消息。从地理位置上看,在海滩周围有陡峭的悬崖(远比其附近的Bondi和Bronte悬崖窄得多)。在Tamarama山坡上有着上一代海滩使用者们遗留下来的一堆乱七八糟的小房子,现在它们的外表面已经被侵蚀得面目全非。

‘Tama’ is short for Tamarama: a Sydney beach suburb, famous for its hedonistic surf culture, gradually being gentrified by a population that exchanges stock market tips while running barefoot to the ocean with a surfboard tucked under their arms. Geographically characterised by steep escarpments that surround the beach (far narrower than its near neighbours at Bondi and Bronte), the homes that cling to Tamarama’s hillsides are a mishmash of ticky-tacky boxes left by the previous generation of beach bunnies, now dwindled by skin carcinomas.

▼房屋建在一个现存的车库和砂石夯土墙之上,新建部分依靠T型结构向外伸出,形成住宅的居住层;built above an existing garage and sandstone retaining wall, the new additions balance on the tee shaped concrete pillar splayed out to carry the main living level of the house


Tama’s Tee Home was constructed on what was solid and reusable from the previous house. Approximately fifty-percent of the previous structure was kept, including the large sandstone retaining wall to the front of the home and the garage beneath. The new concrete ‘Tee’ structure to the front of the house was designed so that it would rest on the single point of the garage structure below that would bear the weight; this explains the ‘unipod’ shape to the front façade of the home and the need to provide it with a solid concrete structure.

▼伸出屋檐细节,detail of the projected eave

▼混凝土中使用的灰白色结合剂使得材料表面具有海滩光泽,随着时间的推移,会生成褐色的氧化膜,微生物也能更好的生长;the off-white cement used in the concrete delivers a beachy luminous glow that will, with time, aquire a patina of tan and microorganism growth for the better

海边建筑所用材料必须具有耐候性,因为海边的盐、湿度和风是导致材料快速腐烂的不可调和因素。如果使用得当,混凝土对这种海滨侵略具有相当的抵抗力。在这个位置上,有必要使用海洋等级的屋面材料和不锈钢固定物。为了迎合山坡地形,该住宅总共建造了四层。位于三层的主要生活区域可以观赏东北面的海景,同时西北面还有一个遮蔽的露台,可以抵御强风。项目建筑师Raffaello Rosselligei赋予了这个精致的海滨别墅特别的设计细节和配色,使用自然材料,裸露屋顶和灯饰。另外还有定制的百叶窗。

Ocean side architecture must be designed and constructed with very weather resistant materials: the salt, humidity and wind are implacable agents of rapid decay. If used properly, concrete is quite resistant to such seaside aggression. Marine grade roofing materials and stainless steel fixings are necessary in this position. To adapt to the hillside the house was built over four storeys. Located on level three, the main living area benefits from ocean views to the northeast and a sheltered terrace to the northwest side that is protected from the strong coastal winds. Project Architect, Raffaello Rosselli provided his own detailing and material palette interpretation for a refined beach house, embracing natural materials, exposed roof framing and light finishes that are washed by dappled and ever changing light that filters through custom designed shutters.

▼住宅下层是孩子的房间以及一个遮蔽的露台,the lower floor of the house is a teenager’s pad with rumpus room and a covered terrace

▼三层的主要生活空间,the main living space on the third level

▼壁炉设计,the details of the fireplace

▼另一侧的厨房,the kitchen at the other side

▼餐厅,the dinning space

▼三楼的露台与起居空间一览,the terrace and the living space on the third level

▼三层卫生间,third level restroom

▼顶层主卧卫生间,top level restroom in the main bedroom

▼车库层平面,the plan for the garage level

▼二层平面,second level plan

▼三层平面,third level plan

▼顶层平面,top level plan

Location: Tamarama, Sydney NSW
Council: Waverley Council
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Raffaello Rosselli
Assisting Architects: Gianfranco Panza, Sean Johnson
Interior Designer: Raffaello Rosselli and the Client
Builder: Building With Options Pty Ltd
Structural Consultant: Rooney & Bye Pty Ltd
Joiner: BWO Fitout and Interiors
Photography: Prue Ruscoe, Edward Birch

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