YOY at 2018 Milan Design Week with 5 projects

Industrial designs that challenge your imagination limits

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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A wall clock appearing to be structured as a sundial, designed with a bar for the minutes hand and its shadow as the hour hand. The entire clock face with the shadow imprinted on the surface turns to tell time, giving the impression that the bar and shadow are chasing each other around the clock.




A series of lighting equipment that appear to be compositions drawn with light-made paint. When switched on, a paintbrush stroke will light up on the plain canvas frame. Equipped with LED and a transparent sheet masking the details of the paintbrush stroke, the imperfect stroke is precisely reproduced onto the canvas.




COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is the next generation speaker. It shows song lyrics beautifully through your phone. Its design concept is “decorate your life with lyrics.” Lyric is the art of words from artists. The speaker visualizes lyrics as an art piece in your living room. YOY added a new lineup which is the brother model of the original COTODAMA Lyric Speaker. The brother model speaker consists of two boards leaned against the wall like vinyl record jackets. Front side is a screen which displays the lyrics, and the other one located behind contains two audio speakers. This brand new brother model of Lyric Speaker will be launched in 2018.




A series of a table lamp and floor lamp of which the lamp shades appear to be magically floating in midair. A part of the electric cord is actually made of a metal pipe that joints the shade and the pole, creating the visual effect of the shade floating above the pole.





TRUNK is a series of stools that look like tree trunks. A real tree trunk was 3D scanned to make the bark texture mold. The textile was pressed onto the mold and finished with a special solvent to construct the bark texture on Kvadrat’s “Canvas.” This project was presented in the exhibition “My Canvas” held by Kvadrat in correspondence to the London Design Festival 2017.


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