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Since the collapse of communism thirty years ago, Warsaw’s hyper-centre has become a testing ground for all sorts of rapidly expanding corporate architectures. At the same time, public space seems to have been frozen and barely evolved in its monumental scale and socialist form. It is only recently that a series of new public investments intends to bring new programs to the city centre, igniting the potential to activate and inhabit it.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Marcin Czechowicz


In reaction to this context, we thought about building an interface between the stone clad public spaces and the inaccessible glass skyline. We have designed a horizontal skyscraper, made of wood and composed of public amenities. The project takes advantage of the available space and enters a formal dialogue with the surrounding skyline.

▼概念与轴测,concept drawing and axonometric view © Marcin Kwietowicz + Michal Sikorski


The greyish wooden decking in the shape of an elongated rectangle – with its geometry, color and scale – corresponds with the surrounding office buildings, complementing the corporate urban context with public functions. The platform, located in proximity to the soviet-style Palace of Culture and Science, resembles a large wooden deck (80x20m) and serves as a minimalistic, organized public space. It hangs above the noise of the constantly moving, changing city like a calm wooden raft.

▼细长的灰色木甲板,greyish wooden decking in the shape of an elongated rectangle © Błażej Pindor

▼滑板公园,skatepark © Błażej Pindor

▼游乐场,playground © Błażej Pindor

▼棚架,pergola © Błażej Pindor

▼凉亭,roof area © Błażej Pindor

▼在凉亭下观看滑板运动,view to skateboarding under the roof © Błażej Pindor


The project brings new functions to life in a corner of a park, which was, until lately, neglected and misused. It revitalizes a pre-existing pavilion and defines a temporary limit to the construction site of the new museum of modern art.

▼总平面图,master plan © Marcin Kwietowicz + Michal Sikorski

▼平面图,plan © Marcin Kwietowicz + Michal Sikorski

▼立面图,elevations © Marcin Kwietowicz + Michal Sikorski

Project name: Taras
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Świętokrzyski Park
Architects: Marcin Kwietowicz, Michał Sikorski
Collaboration: Architect Agnieszka, Mikołaj Gomółka (illustraction)
Sport consultants: Grzegorz Gądek & Monika Wróbel (Skwer Sportów Miejskich Foundation)
Construction engineer: Daniel Przybyłek
General contractor: Palmett sp. z o.o. sp. k.
Client: The City of Warsaw, Zarząd Zieleni m. st. Warszawy

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