Tangible Scene: Perceiving the legend of the land of the cherry blossom forest, China by HAS design and research

experience the multi-layered cherry blossom landscape through natural wrinkled fabrics

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The cherry blossom forest symbolizes tenderness, beauty, and love. In the past, every household would plant a cherry blossom tree in the courtyard to wait for happiness; this profound story has also influenced contemporary Chinese rural areas—Dianzuo Village.

▼樱庭位于村庄入口的樱花林中,Tangible Scene is located in the cherry blossom forest at the entrance of the village © Xiangyang Wu

▼场地的樱花树穿过了樱庭并自在的生长,The cherry trees pass through Tangible Scene and grow freely © Xiangyang Wu


Dianzuo Village is about an hour’s drive from Kunming, Yunnan. Unlike the Chinese countryside’s usual scenery, Dianzuo Village is surrounded by industrial manufacturing factory, temporary tin vendors, and western-style residential buildings. In the past ten years, large communal roads have led to economic development in the typical Urban development plan. However, Dianzuo Village, dependent on the environment, is no match for the process of the times. A large number of mountains have been excavated by gravel trucks, streams are used as artificial orchards for watering, and beside the woods are a large number of farmhouses built of concrete. Dust is scattered in the air all the time, and the entire natural landscape is incredibly dim.

▼建筑漂浮在樱花林中,既轻盈又透明,The architecture floats in the cherry blossom forest, light and transparent © Xiangyang Wu


Even though Dianzuo Village has undergone more than ten years of development, what remains unchanged is the rugged trail into the village and the nearly 10,000 square meters cherry blossom forest at the village entrance. Sakura Forest stays at the entrance of the village all the year-round, not only brings a harmonious natural landscape to the village but also brings a simple belief for the villagers, believing that any visitor, as long as he enters the village through the cherry blossom forest, will return to admire its natural scenery no matter how long it has been.

▼樱庭替偏远的村民提供更多样化生活模式,Tangible Scene provides diversified life styles for remote villagers © Jenchieh Hung

▼来自当地的瓦片让步入空间踩踏时产生与树林共响的回声,Local tiles give rise to echoes that resonate with the woods when stepping into the space © Jenchieh Hung

▼樱庭在夜晚提供村民另一种与樱花林的互动,Tangible Scene offers villagers a different type of interaction with the cherry blossom forest at night © Rui Gu


The design also continues this beautiful legend and uses local tiles and hand-woven fabrics in Dianzuo Village as the primary building materials. The floor is made of tiles in a curly shape formed by cherry blossom leaves falling on the ground, allowing the villagers to listen to the natural sound of stepping on the tiles when they step into space. The translucency produced by the local handmade fabric on the top surface complements the cherry blossom forest’s different scenery throughout the year, allowing visitors who return to experience the multi-layered cherry blossom landscape through natural wrinkled fabrics.

▼半透明感的手工布料补捉住樱花林四季景色变化,The translucent handmade fabric captures the seasonal changes of the cherry blossom forest © Rui Gu

▼从樱庭望向天空与樱树,有如水面涟漪波光粼粼,Looking at the sky and cherry trees from Tangible Scene, it’s like sparkling ripples on the water © Rui Gu

▼透明白色的布料反射著四季变化的樱花林,The transparent white cloth reflects the changing seasons of the cherry blossom forest © Rui Gu


In the center of Tangible Scene, three enormous rocks taken from the local area provide villagers with a place to light a furnace, allowing workers to have a place to rest at night and bring the villagers closer together. Tangible Scene records the beauty of the cherry blossom forest in the past and continues to create more future visions for the villagers.

▼平面图,Site plan © Jie Liu – HAS design and research

设计:HAS design and research
团队:洪人杰、Kulthida Songkittipakdee、沙永梅、刘杰、赵丹阳、罗佳乐、杨森

Project name: Tangible Scene
Design: HAS design and research
Team: Jenchieh Hung, Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Yongmei Sha, Jie Liu, Niki Zhao, Jiale Luo, Sen Yang
Consultant: Prof. Hongyu Chen
Contact email: hascontact@yahoo.com
Project location: Dianzuo Village, Anning, Yunnan
Site area: 9200 sq.m.
Gross built area: 95 sq.m.
Completion year: 2020
Client: Siyi Village Committee
Planning operation: He Feng Cultural Tourism, Shi Cui
Photo credits: Rui Gu

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