Taiwan Tower “FORMOSA” by Sou Fujimoto Architects

An oasis in the 21 century

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Sou Fujimoto Architectsfor providing the following description:

Our proposal for the Taiwan Tower, and the model for the Green-Architecture of the new generation, is the 21st Century Oasis. This Tower proposes a new Typology of a Tower akin to transparent cloud, mist and alike, which is unlike any other Towers in the past.

The 2 main source of Inspiration comes from Taiwan itself.

Inspired by the Banyan trees, creating a comforting urban plaza like space under a tree, this place will be a beautifully pleasant public space for the people of Taichung, formed by transparent delicate structural frame.

Divine Taiwan island – Inspired by FORMOSA, the proposal presents a floating roof-top garden soaring 300m above ground, as a symbol of the divine island. From nature and culture of Taiwan itself, to the innovative design of the Tower for the new era. This Tower will symbolize not only Taiwan, but the Environmental era of the 21st century. Roof-top Garden suspended 300m above ground level in the sky provides the people of Taichung with an Oasis in the city.  This green-filled Garden will be visible from everywhere and will be a symbolic landmark and existence.

New Typology of the Tower
The Eiffel Tower when it was conceived in Paris marked the age of 20th Century, and became a role-model for many Towers to follow.  The tower proposed here is a Tower as an origin of 21st Century. We see the Taiwan Tower undertaking the role that Eiffel Tower had undertook in Modernity for the 21st Century and beyond. This is a typology of Tower that has never before existed.

Sited within the Taichung Gateways Green-belt, the Tower exist as a comforting resting place for the surrounding campus and the adjacent cultural zones, the Tower will provide a plaza-like space in direct continuation to the Green-belt. And by the Green extended above in the roof-top Garden, the formation brings a three-dimensional continuation of the Greenery and Garden.

This Tower will create an URBAN OASIS in the Taichung Gateway, in the intersection of where Transport/Education/Culture/Nature converge. The Tower has within it, a public Observatory function with public services such as shops and cafe, and Museum of Taichung City Development., as well as large exterior spaces which allow for diverse uses and functions.

The primary structure is made from Steel frame with generous space for attaching various renewable energy systems and lighting fixtures, making the Tower itself a large energy-producing device and landmark which is visible from all over Taichung.

The Taiwan Tower opens to the public at the start of 2017.





在城市中,一个300 米高的高空屋顶景观庭园将形成一个特别”绿洲”空间,同时它也代表台湾-福尔摩沙-的自然之美。21 世纪绿洲是台湾精神的最佳写照.

在300 米高的空中屋顶庭园,满满的绿意将会是所有群众目光的焦点,无论在远方或是就在近处,


巴黎的艾菲尔铁塔代表着法国在20 世纪初为世界文化中心的领导地位。在艾菲尔铁塔之后陆续也有许多高塔相继着建立完成。像是艾菲尔铁塔在20 世纪初所开启了现代主义精神的门,台湾塔也将会开启另一扇门,这里将会是21世纪的开端。这是前所未有的一个塔的类型。






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