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investigating the possibility of an unconventional way of plastic fabrication.

Project Specs

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Augmented reality (or mixed reality) technology is not a new technology. However, only recently (not more than 3 years time), more of these devices became finally available (commercialized) to public, only recently they became feasible to use, reasonably affordable.

▼研究项目概念图,research concept illustration

▼毕业设计展中展出的项目模型,structure corner piece showed on BPro

▼模型细部,detailed model


This opened up great possibilities in every aspect in our daily life and inevitably this will have great impact of every field in near future including design and fabrication. Our Research Cluster at the Bartlett is interested in this issue and started to research on this matter from September 2017 within a year-long design masters course.

▼研究生课题研究团队,research studio for design master course


Project FlowMorph

流体变形项目是一个应用混合现实(Augmented Reality)技术,探索有别于传统制造模式,使加工方案更加多样化的项目研究,以此实现高度复杂的几何结构。这些结构通常不能手工实现或利用简单的机械制造生产成形。

FlowMorph is a research project which investigates the possibility of an unconventional way of fabrication using Mixed Reality, in order to materialize highly complexed geometry which cannot be achieved by manually as well as by simple robotic fabrication.

▼由流体模拟器生成的数字模型,digital form generated from flow engine

▼适用于新型塑料加工的独特结构,unique structure for plastic manufacture

▼高度复杂的几何模型得以实现,materialize highly complexed geometry


We have started with material research. Our interest was in plastic which is commonly used in broad ways of fabrication such as 3D printing or Robotic printing. However, we have tried to provoke these kind of existing fabrication process. The materiality of the melted plastic inspired us to design a unique structure which is also formed easily and efficiently in terms of time and cost consumption. A simple ‘stretching’ action was applied into this making process.

▼塑料在热熔物质属性下被拉伸,stretching action based on melted plastic’s materiality


In terms of Augmentation, there are two stages through the whole process in this project; Interactive design and augmented fabrication. We designed a 3D fluid simulation to let human interact with it thanks to the recognition function available in the device.

▼3d流体模拟系统实现交互设计,3D fluid simulation interact with people

我们在流体模拟器生成的数字化三维模型中加入这种塑料拉伸技术。制造过程将通过全息计算机设备(Hololens)产生,该设备可协助研究团队完成物理模型构成的推敲。毕业设计展(BPro Show)中呈现的结构模型由3名成员历时5天完成。

We utilized the plastic stretching technique with combining a digitally generated form by fluid engine. The fabrication process was delivered with Hololens which guides us the structure of the physical model. The construction of the corner piece for the BPro show is completed in five days with three people as a fabrication team. The noticeable aspect is that we could add some changes by ourselves rather than just followed the hologram while making.

▼研究模型的完成,construction of physical model


The noticeable aspect is that we could add some changes by ourselves rather than just followed the hologram while making. Thus, this fabrication process keeps human intuition and delicacy, not just make a human to be a labour.

▼运用主观意识改变设计形态,human intuition could be add into design process

Design Tutor: Soomeen Hahm, Alvaro Lopez Rodriguez
Design Team: Eri Sumitomo, Jie Sun, Yu-Hsin Huang
Project video link:

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